Friday, April 26, 2013

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is upon us.... I was discussing gift ideas the other day with some girlfriends and started thinking about my own gift wish list. (See full disclosure at the bottom) I have an ever evolving list in my head of ideas that would be great for, well.... this girl right here. Some of which I have been eyeing for years (no joke) and others are new desires.
I thought I would share my list with you...perhaps you'd like to give or receive one of these lovely ideas as well.
Mother's Day gift list ideas
1. I have been wanting my own tool kit since we moved into our home last summer. Something small that can be stored in the foyer dresser and just mine. No kids, no husbands, just the Mama Tools.
2. A few years ago Alan gifted me a lovely cruiser bike for Mother's Day. I absolutely love riding in town on a spring evening. If my bike had a basket I could stop by the market and fill it with fresh flowers and a baguette....naturally.
3. Spring is here and the flowers are blooming. Everywhere I look in town I see these fantastically bright fuchsia azaleas. I believe they are called Autumn Royalty azaleas. (couldn't find a decent picture to use, sorry) A bunch of those babies under the pine trees out front would be divine.
4. What outfit wouldn't this tortoise shell monogram necklace go with? A staple really.  
5. The boyfriend watch is a new trend. And a minty one like this lovely is perfect.
6. Speaking to the Mama in me...I have been wanting to read this Cleaning House book by Kay Wills Wyma. Have you read it? Is it good? Will it help me get the boys to quit hiding dirty clothes? Seriously.
7. I am in LOVE with every single issue of HGTV Magazine! Needing to get the subscription already!
8. I have a charm bracelet from when I was young. I would actually like to gift it to AdaLove with some new charms on it at some point. But for now I would love to have a more adult gold chain around my wrist I could add memories to.

9. Once upon a time my uncle gave me an Abercrombie & Fitch hat with the letters AF across the top. These were my maiden initials and I thought I was the coolest thing around. I still have the hat yet feel way less cool being nearly 30 sporting an A&F cap. But these monogram caps are everywhere and I'm totally lusting for one of my own.

10. I love wearing dresses and a leopard print belt adds just the right finishing touch.

11. A garden tool set with stool is what every lady with a love for getting her hands in the dirt needs. And again, I would love to have a "Mama" set.

12. Who doesn't like to crank up the tunes when they run? And every time I run I discover again he need for cordless ear buds. When doing a google search I came across this set. No idea of their quality but completely agree with the idea.

There you have it...12 totally selfish items I would like to be gifted. Maybe one of these triggered an idea for someone in your life.

How about you? Do you have a running list of ideas that would be just perfect for someone to give you?

Note: In our family gifts are gifts...should my husband choose to give me bed pillows for Valentine's Day and should I choose to give him a candle just because...we openheartedly accept. For us, the love is shown in the giving not in the actual gift. This post was by no means a way to try and get something from him, or anyone. Just a post to share the things I am currently loving. Should I ever actually need a bike basket or a leopard print belt...I'm perfectly able to drive my happy butt to Target and get it. But I will gladly accept breakfast in bed any day of the year....OK, that was for him.  

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Color Run(down)

So how did I do in my first 5k, you ask?

I was totally bummed I had to miss Alex's first track meet. But he sported a Color Run tattoo and knew I was with him in spirit.

 The crew I rode in with... those yella socks were easy to track...until the end.

The official "True Colors Shining Through" team shot... Not sure why we're leaning. 

One last pre-race shot because I apparently thought I was adorable in my head band.

My friend, Melissa, and I stayed together during the run. So this is our post-run shot. FYI: keep your mouth closed during the color stations. yuck.

And since we managed to lose the rest of our crew for a while.... we decided to have some fun.

And do some mingling.

One last happy shot after we managed to get back together...

And since I had a couple extra color packets from the race and I'm one of the coolest moms I know....this happened the next day....

Don't know why they look like they're in trouble.
All in first 5k experience was great! Can't wait to try it time it will be timed. Yikes!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Love and Marriage

Today is a big day in our home....9 years of marriage! If you know anything about us, our seperate pasts or our journey together you might be as dumfounded as we are. Has it really been that long? Have we really come this far? Oh yes friends! And it is only by the grace of God that we stand here today stronger than ever.

Reading about others' love lives can be a drag so I thought I'd have a little fun with it and show you who we've out married...ready?
5 years...
5 years...
6 years...
7 years...
7 years...
 Clearly we've got it figured out better than celebrities. Ha!
We're coming after you Tom and Rita!
Happy Anniversay to my Love.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spirit of the Sport

I’ve wanted to tell you all about my adventures in my first 5k. But as I dragged my feet on typing the post…tragedy occurred. Now it seems in poor taste to acknowledge my joyful experience as others are still living out their nightmares.

But if I have learned anything through the last couple weeks it would be this….spirit. There is a spirit about the sport of running like no other. I admit I have yet to participate in many other activities and running is my first adult attempt. But as I see testimonies, read emails, experience my first 5k and prepare for my next I am whole heartily tuned into the spirit of running.

My 8 year old son, Alex just participated in his first District track meet at the county level. Even though the stands were filled with fans from a few dozen different counties everyone cheered on each and every child. We shared a brief friendship with the spectators around us, discovered who their child was and cheered for his success. They did the same for Alex. Although the track and field events are competitive, every child is just trying to do his or her best. And every mother’s heart yearns to see him do so.

So while that afternoon could easily have become one with a competitive nature (and let’s face it, when parents are involved in their kids’ sports…there’s usually an aggressive edge) instead it was an afternoon filled with comradery…in wanting to see each individual thrive.

This is what running has become for me.

Locally we have a group of girls who meet to run in the morning. This little pack was started by one of my dear friends. Until recently I had zero desire to join the “running crew”. My lack of ability left me feeling inadequate. But back in January when I made the decision to run a 5k, I laced up my shoes and set my own goals. Not ready to run with the crew yet, I ran on my own…knowing I would get there eventually. For the past few months I have pushed myself, my will, my body and my strength. Last week I officially stepped out with the girls and it felt great!

My heart has been changed. It is not about what someone else wants for me, but about what I want for myself.

This scripture found me the other day:

“Each one should test their own actions. Then they can take pride in themselves alone, without comparing themselves to someone else,” Galatians 6:4

I shared this verse with my weight loss friends as it is entirely how I see our journey to victory with our bodies as well as victory in my running. I have been moved to test my own actions, to push myself further. I am taking pride in myself without comparison to my friends.

Running and choosing to join others in an event is not a team effort. The decision is a selfish one. The choice to put yourself on the line, to test your abilities. And the joy is that everyone is with you. Everyone is cheering for YOU.

After the bombing, a friend of a friend posted on Facebook: I dedicate this next run to 8 year old boys who cheer on their dads at the finish line.

The spirit of this sport is alive. It’s in each individual who laces up. In the souls who cheer on their neighbor. The spirit is the desire to see others do their best, reach their goal and succeed.

I may not ever be as fast as my running crew friends, and I’m pretty positive I will never run a marathon, but should the desire every strike me…I know I have the support of the entire running community.

I've decided to go ahead and share my Color Rundown here. Coming soon! 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

An official home tour...the front porch

We're working on a year that we've been in our home and I figured it was time for an official home tour. But seeing as how many of our rooms need some special attention before they are photo ready...we'll be taking this slow. Consider these before or progress photos as we are nowhere near finished making this house our home.

First stop...the front porch.

The house is a yellow/gold with black shutters and black painted windows. 

yellow home black shutters

The front door is stained wood flanked by large lanterns. Classic southern style.
Loving the purple we chose for the front flower pots.

wood front door

I couldn't wait for the porch to dry after hosing off the pollen. The house is supposed to be yellow, the porch is not.  
This seating area is where the adults usually end up when we have company over. It's perfectly peaceful to sit and chat with our feet up. Sweet tea anyone?

The dining table is often used as a second dining area when the weather is nice. Especially when we have kids over. The table and chair set came from Ikea years ago. The bench was given to us and lived in the mud wall area for a while. Now it's nice to have a bit more room at the table for the littles to sit and eat.

We recently purchased the wicker coffee table from the local flea market. The teal paint color offers a playful pop to the porch. The larger chairs are from Lowe's a few years back and the side table from Ikea, spray painted green. 

Typing this post from this very spot. Heavenly.

Now that you've seen what the front of our home really looks like... I'll show you what it looks like in my mind. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Our Easter...the Recap

(Just pretend this post happened a week ago! sheesh!)

So how did we do with all our big Easter plans? If you follow me on Instagram then you saw that we did in fact finish it all! Well, almost. I still have to put the names on the Easter buckets. But other than that...success!

Saturday looked a little like this...
First we spray painted the buckets white then I let the kids go to town with their own creations. Both boys wanted theirs to look like Easter eggs. Ada ended up painting over all those polka dots. She kinds loses control with a paint brush in hand!
We took a break from some of our craftiness to enjoy the local egg hunt.

Think it's safe to say they had a good time!
Alan was a dear and took on the egg dying himself. Bless him! Three kids and dye at my anxiety attack waiting to happen for me. I finished up my Easter dinner shopping.

I however did get to play with glue and tissue paper! These seem to be the only shots I took of the decoupaging eggs (I was losing steam about this point). I had purchased small egg ornaments from the dollar store and we just glued some paper napkins on top. Not sure they ended up being worth the mess. But, alas, they are eggs that we can pull out time and time again.

And since no one else really cared, Ada received the honors to deck the Easter tree with some old family ornaments.

If I had only done confetti eggs the kids would have said it was the best day ever. Three dozen eggs...about 2 minutes of fun. 
And we finally finished up the evening with our chocolate birds nests. A few of the eggs might have gone missing in the process! Only one picture taken the next morning...all steam had been lost!
And not to show the loot but only the finished buckets (I'll still put their names on later.)...Easter Day looked a little like this...

What I know you really want to see...

 Yes, she did wear her wings to Easter service. She was the most beautiful butterfly there!

Apparently there is no evidence that I actually hosted a house full of guests and served a lovely meal. But I did document the egg hunt! After having my brother hide the eggs in the yard the kids had to wait until after we ate. And naturally that's when it started to rain. They didn't mind.
In case you were wondering...I was here too!
So...two weeks later...our Easter Roundup.