Thursday, May 16, 2013

Our 2013 Summer Fun Calendar

As much as I like to be foot loose and fancy free...I also enjoy order. So to ensure we're getting the most out of our free summer I drew up a little calendar. Having the mindset that we will be spending little to no money, I wanted to make sure we didn't miss anything our town had to offer.

I tried to include the free activities around town...the library, Cultural Center, church, park etc...we would be interested in. Two of the kids will be participating in Rec Dept camps (far from free), those were also included on the calendar.

And to make sure we don't get bored on all those blank days, the kids and I came up with our Fun List. Last year we had a bucket list...this year I'm putting way less pressure on ourselves to accomplish specific activities.

I included the list on the calendar for easy reference if we need something to do that day.

Our Free Summer Activities List includes (the same as most summer lists...)

ice cream party (a friend usually hosts)
indoor fort
Athens Zoo (it's free!)
water gun fight
backyard camping
ride bike
make cookies from scratch
lemonade stand
scavenger hunt
make ice cream (in machine)
museum (still looking for a free one not too far)
slip 'n slide
make Popsicles
water balloon fight
car wash
outdoor tea party
finish kits (science kits and such that need to be finished)
cookout with friends
kids plan dinner
make pizza
see a parade
concert at park
baseball game
roast hot dogs
decorate bikes
flashlight hide & seek
watermelon eating contest
magic tricks
laser show (pay for parking, not for viewing ;)
RASK (I'll explain later)
ice cream in a bag
Pinterest project (I'm pretty sure I can find something I already have the supplies for)
try new paracord techniques
visit each park in the county at least once

My guidelines for free do not include gas, because I wouldn't be staying home all day no matter what season it is....or food, after all, we'd be eating anyway.

What's on your summer list? Did I miss anything? Any other tips on how to save money during summertime with three kids?

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