Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy May Day!

Can you believe it's May first already?

In honor of May Day Ada and I hosted a simple little cupcake party at the park this afternoon.

If you have no idea what May Day is don't worry. Neither did any of my friends! Think may poles, may baskets, and flower crowns. I've included a link that will help explain a bit more at the end of the post, but until then let me show you how we celebrated...

AdaLove and I worked hard making cupcakes for our friends. We wanted to add a bit of whimsy to the afternoon with the idea of a may pole.

In lieu of an actual may pole we opted to recreate a smaller version using our cupcake stand.  (Bought at Target this is the most used item I own!)

Using my SilhouetteXD I cut out silhouettes of kids playing. Once cut, I simply glued them to lolly pop picks and inserted as cupcake toppers.

To create the may pole affect we tied ribbon from the top and let cascade down the cupcakes. This little girl was my favorite!

To honor the tradition of giving flowers and the celebration of spring's bounty, we placed each cupcake in a purple flower wrapper.

I was pleasantly pleased that the end result closely mimicked the visual in my head. I'm often disappointed in that respect. ha!

I've been trying more varieties of flavor infused water lately, but today I went with an old stand by...strawberry water. Yum!

Ada and her friends thoroughly enjoyed the cupcakes. They really didn't care what the holiday was about...cupcakes!

It was lovely to have a sweet picnic with sweet friends.

And since the afternoon would not be complete without a reason to burn off those cupcakes...the littles were given streamer wands to play with.

Quite simply party streamers glued to wood dowels. Easy peasy.

The idea to have this little celebration with friends crept up on me so late we did not have a chance to make any May baskets. Instead we will be gifting a special neighbor girl with her own May Day cupcake.

Here's a couple other ideas I thought were precious...

This headband would make an adorable alternative to a May Day flower crown.

How cute is this fruit basket?
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Do you celebrate May Day? Has anyone ever left you a bouquet of flowers on your front door? No idea what I'm talking about?....let Martha explain.
Happy May Day y'all!


  1. We left flowers and ran today!! Jett and Piper loved the May Day celebration at the park!! Thank you Ada and Angie....

    1. Oh yay!!! So glad y'all spread the love!


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