Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Last year, amongst the craziness of moving and being "homeless" for a few weeks, the kids and I focused on one idea, or one word if you will...fun!

I tried really hard to get the most out of that crazy summer. This summer, however, our family circumstances have changed drastically. We've been placed in a position we have never faced as a family before. Yet summer is coming anyway...

So to make sure we still get the most out of our summer days I've come up with a new word for Summer 2013....
Free as in free spirit. Free as in unrestrained...available...not tied down....unburdened.

 Free as in we can fly anywhere our journey takes us.

And free as in cost nothing. Money will be tight this summer. We are being challenged to do what we can with what we already have. And not one to miss a chance to be creative...I'm up for the challenge.

I've already started a list of free summer activities for us. We tend to be low budget anyway so going the extra step is not a stretch. And having our main goal of "free" allows us to better say no to events which arise that cost money. There's freedom in being able to say no.
Can we make it a whole summer without spending money on activities? Probably not. Can we give it our best shot? Absolutely.

I'll be sharing more about our summer plans soon...

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