Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Our Easter...the Recap

(Just pretend this post happened a week ago! sheesh!)

So how did we do with all our big Easter plans? If you follow me on Instagram then you saw that we did in fact finish it all! Well, almost. I still have to put the names on the Easter buckets. But other than that...success!

Saturday looked a little like this...
First we spray painted the buckets white then I let the kids go to town with their own creations. Both boys wanted theirs to look like Easter eggs. Ada ended up painting over all those polka dots. She kinds loses control with a paint brush in hand!
We took a break from some of our craftiness to enjoy the local egg hunt.

Think it's safe to say they had a good time!
Alan was a dear and took on the egg dying himself. Bless him! Three kids and dye at my anxiety attack waiting to happen for me. I finished up my Easter dinner shopping.

I however did get to play with glue and tissue paper! These seem to be the only shots I took of the decoupaging eggs (I was losing steam about this point). I had purchased small egg ornaments from the dollar store and we just glued some paper napkins on top. Not sure they ended up being worth the mess. But, alas, they are eggs that we can pull out time and time again.

And since no one else really cared, Ada received the honors to deck the Easter tree with some old family ornaments.

If I had only done confetti eggs the kids would have said it was the best day ever. Three dozen eggs...about 2 minutes of fun. 
And we finally finished up the evening with our chocolate birds nests. A few of the eggs might have gone missing in the process! Only one picture taken the next morning...all steam had been lost!
And not to show the loot but only the finished buckets (I'll still put their names on later.)...Easter Day looked a little like this...

What I know you really want to see...

 Yes, she did wear her wings to Easter service. She was the most beautiful butterfly there!

Apparently there is no evidence that I actually hosted a house full of guests and served a lovely meal. But I did document the egg hunt! After having my brother hide the eggs in the yard the kids had to wait until after we ate. And naturally that's when it started to rain. They didn't mind.
In case you were wondering...I was here too!
So...two weeks later...our Easter Roundup.

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