Friday, April 26, 2013

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is upon us.... I was discussing gift ideas the other day with some girlfriends and started thinking about my own gift wish list. (See full disclosure at the bottom) I have an ever evolving list in my head of ideas that would be great for, well.... this girl right here. Some of which I have been eyeing for years (no joke) and others are new desires.
I thought I would share my list with you...perhaps you'd like to give or receive one of these lovely ideas as well.
Mother's Day gift list ideas
1. I have been wanting my own tool kit since we moved into our home last summer. Something small that can be stored in the foyer dresser and just mine. No kids, no husbands, just the Mama Tools.
2. A few years ago Alan gifted me a lovely cruiser bike for Mother's Day. I absolutely love riding in town on a spring evening. If my bike had a basket I could stop by the market and fill it with fresh flowers and a baguette....naturally.
3. Spring is here and the flowers are blooming. Everywhere I look in town I see these fantastically bright fuchsia azaleas. I believe they are called Autumn Royalty azaleas. (couldn't find a decent picture to use, sorry) A bunch of those babies under the pine trees out front would be divine.
4. What outfit wouldn't this tortoise shell monogram necklace go with? A staple really.  
5. The boyfriend watch is a new trend. And a minty one like this lovely is perfect.
6. Speaking to the Mama in me...I have been wanting to read this Cleaning House book by Kay Wills Wyma. Have you read it? Is it good? Will it help me get the boys to quit hiding dirty clothes? Seriously.
7. I am in LOVE with every single issue of HGTV Magazine! Needing to get the subscription already!
8. I have a charm bracelet from when I was young. I would actually like to gift it to AdaLove with some new charms on it at some point. But for now I would love to have a more adult gold chain around my wrist I could add memories to.

9. Once upon a time my uncle gave me an Abercrombie & Fitch hat with the letters AF across the top. These were my maiden initials and I thought I was the coolest thing around. I still have the hat yet feel way less cool being nearly 30 sporting an A&F cap. But these monogram caps are everywhere and I'm totally lusting for one of my own.

10. I love wearing dresses and a leopard print belt adds just the right finishing touch.

11. A garden tool set with stool is what every lady with a love for getting her hands in the dirt needs. And again, I would love to have a "Mama" set.

12. Who doesn't like to crank up the tunes when they run? And every time I run I discover again he need for cordless ear buds. When doing a google search I came across this set. No idea of their quality but completely agree with the idea.

There you have it...12 totally selfish items I would like to be gifted. Maybe one of these triggered an idea for someone in your life.

How about you? Do you have a running list of ideas that would be just perfect for someone to give you?

Note: In our family gifts are gifts...should my husband choose to give me bed pillows for Valentine's Day and should I choose to give him a candle just because...we openheartedly accept. For us, the love is shown in the giving not in the actual gift. This post was by no means a way to try and get something from him, or anyone. Just a post to share the things I am currently loving. Should I ever actually need a bike basket or a leopard print belt...I'm perfectly able to drive my happy butt to Target and get it. But I will gladly accept breakfast in bed any day of the year....OK, that was for him.  

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