Sunday, April 21, 2013

An official home tour...the front porch

We're working on a year that we've been in our home and I figured it was time for an official home tour. But seeing as how many of our rooms need some special attention before they are photo ready...we'll be taking this slow. Consider these before or progress photos as we are nowhere near finished making this house our home.

First stop...the front porch.

The house is a yellow/gold with black shutters and black painted windows. 

yellow home black shutters

The front door is stained wood flanked by large lanterns. Classic southern style.
Loving the purple we chose for the front flower pots.

wood front door

I couldn't wait for the porch to dry after hosing off the pollen. The house is supposed to be yellow, the porch is not.  
This seating area is where the adults usually end up when we have company over. It's perfectly peaceful to sit and chat with our feet up. Sweet tea anyone?

The dining table is often used as a second dining area when the weather is nice. Especially when we have kids over. The table and chair set came from Ikea years ago. The bench was given to us and lived in the mud wall area for a while. Now it's nice to have a bit more room at the table for the littles to sit and eat.

We recently purchased the wicker coffee table from the local flea market. The teal paint color offers a playful pop to the porch. The larger chairs are from Lowe's a few years back and the side table from Ikea, spray painted green. 

Typing this post from this very spot. Heavenly.

Now that you've seen what the front of our home really looks like... I'll show you what it looks like in my mind. Stay tuned!

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