Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Yard Work: Mulch It

With Spring officially here I've been thinking about how we intend to use the spaces in and around our home. I have visions of flowers and picnics and porch parties. But our yard has not been up to par for such ideas. Who wants to picnic among weeds?
Last summer we dove head first into yard clean up, but after the tragic poison ivy episode (yep..tragic) the yard was left to total neglect. And come springtime we were left to pay the consequences. But luckily it wasn't anything a little sore muscles and a dump truck's worth of mulch couldn't fix.
For the record: a dump truck coming to our home is the coolest thing to happen. Ever.
Normally posts about yard work make me yawn. But after the two days it took us to spread this junk..you're gonna see some before and afters.

This is the area right off the pack deck. To left when you come up the stairs. It was the worst and what we walked by everyday...begging for attention.
The walkway is still waiting for some more help but I think this is definitely an improvement.
To the right of the walkway. Thank goodness some mulch helped this pitiful mess.
How I adore our weeping will on the side of our home!  I'd love to see a bench underneath this beauty someday.
The front left of the house underneath the birch.
The backyard sides at the end of the retaining walls. Major improvement.
This little area right off the patio is an excellent spot for some annuals....and perhaps a climbing vine?
Obviously these are just a few closeups of the more noticeable improvements in the yard. Once Mother Nature realizes its Spring and not Winter I'll be back out for some more updates.

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