Sunday, March 17, 2013

We're back...and loving Emerald

Last week the kids and I had a lovely trip to my Mom's in Florida. We hate it when Alan can't join us (Daddy is just WAY more fun in the pool than this sorry Mama) but we managed to enjoy ourselves anyway. I love that my kids are making memories with their grandparents like I made with mine when I was growing up. And luckily Georgia to Florida is much easier a drive than Georgia to Iowa! Phew!

As soon as we arrived back it was yard duty time. Poor Alan had a few days off so we put him to work. I'll have more details on all that fun stuff later, but for now.... it's St. Patrick's Day!

Is this a holiday you celebrate? Not so much here. Sorry all you Irish folk. But I just can't seem to get my head around this holiday. Although... my family will be wearing green put your pinchers away!

One idea I can get on board with is the Pantone Color or the Year Emerald. And that translates to the love of the Irish right? I'm enjoying seeing this color pop up everywhere from decor to makeup, but I also think a little goes a long way. How about you? Here's some eye candy for you....

 Now I want Emerald shoes...


Desire to Inspire via Kika Reichert


I am LOVING this dresser makeover!

And if you want your own splash of emerald in your home check out this pillow... Fun!
emerald green splash Throw Pillow

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Will you be using emerald this year?  Happy St. Patrick's Day Leprechauns!

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