Friday, March 29, 2013

Our Easter Plans...Wishful Thinking

Thanks to the restaurant industry my husband will be working Easter Day. All day. (Tip your server well friends!) Luckily enough for us though, he has tomorrow off. And I have some serious plans!


I have yet to ever get my kids an official Easter Basket. Shame! Here in Monogramville every other kid seems to have their own personalized gingham and ribbon wrapped tote. Not mine. Pretty sure ours came from the dollar store. Every year I say I will get my kids something better. And every year I just don't care. (I could go on about how I really could do without the whole Easter Bunny and candy filled eggs idea but I'll save that for another post). This year I noticed the baskets of my friends kids. Not baskets at all...rather buckets. These were adorably professionally painted buckets mind you. So I decided to steel the idea! After searching Wal-Mart and Lowe's, I finally found the right size galvanized bucket (5.5qt) at Tractor Supply today...$3.99 each! All this to say...we'll be painting buckets tomorrow. I'd like to have each kid paint the bucket on their own and then I'll come back with a vinyl decal and add their name. That is the idea.

For inspiration purposes...
kinda wish I could ever do the initial thing

chalkboard paint is clever...they could redecorate it each year
Since we have not done one lick of decorating for Easter we also have some eggs to dye. So glad Alan will be around for that fun! On top of dyeing eggs I'd like to try our hands at decoupaging paper napkins. I found some adorable napkins at TJMaxx that will coordinate perfectly with the Vera Bradley place mats I was gifted years ago. Fingers crossed three kids, glue and thin paper goes over well.
No doubt they'll turn out like these...
As a kid we always decorated an Easter tree. I have a few of the small decorations we used and hope to have the kids make some more. We don't have an official tree like I did growing up so Alan and the boys will have to cut twigs for us. I'm thinking this will be the extent of our table decor.
My dad and Step-Mom will be bringing a dessert on Sunday (she's a fabulous cook so I like to let her do what she does best. I'm kind like that.) I wanted the kids to also have a small something sweet that they could help make. So we'll be trying to pull these off tomorrow as well.

Throw in a local egg hunt at the park...

And to top it all off...I have been saving egg shells for weeks so the kids could enjoy another confetti popper party. We made these for Ada's birthday (geez, still no post on that?) and they were a hit. So I figured we needed to pull off another round during this egg season. What better way to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ Jesus with the smashing of egg shells and confetti on your siblings?

These are the plans. I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. Totes feel ya on the whole restaurant thing. My husband will be working half day. I guess I shouldn't complain at least I have dinner. LOVE the idea of a bucket instead of a basket. Super cute.

  2. Love all of these ideas. Thanks for including our chalkboard Easter buckets in this post! I've added your blog to my blogroll. Hope you guys had a great Easter!

    1. Thanks so much Nichelle! Hope to have a finished bucket post at least by next Easter. ha! I'm so behind the blogging world.


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