Friday, March 1, 2013

Living Life on Purpose

An idea that has been on my heart for while lately (or pretty much my whole life to be honest) is the thought of living life on purpose.

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At first glance this might seem like a pretty silly on purpose? How could it not be on purpose? It's life.

But hear me out.

I've been going through one of those "why am I here? what's the purpose of my life?" typical Angie phases. I even broke down one day recently on a friend. Luckily she was a good sport and offered some great guidance. And I am taking it all to heart. (She's a smart cookie.) We discussed topics I enjoy, what I feel I'm good at and what others have said they value in me. I came up with a few thoughts. But when I try to reflect on what it is that I truly enjoy, what it is that is an honest interest to me I come up with one word....growth.

I have come such a long way since adolescence. Oh, if you only knew! But even in my darkest of days I have looked at how I can be better. Not that I feel I am a failure, not by any means. But I long, I strive, I desire to grow.

If you were to look through my book collection it would be pretty depressing for most. It's basically the self help section of Barnes & Noble. Seriously. And I love it!

I love the idea of fresh starts and change and progress and becoming a better Angie. The whole shebang...a better wife, mother, friend, christian etc. But I don't just desire to grow in such weighted areas of my life, I also want to hone in on the small, more trivial matters. Because in the end will it really matter if I had a "pretty" home? Nope. Not in the least. What will matter is how I used that home. Did I use what was given me to best of my ability? Or did I just let it go to waste?

I could observe that same principle in every aspect of life... Did we eat all the produce or am I throwing out spoiled fruit?  Am I making an effort with my marriage and tuning into my role as the wife or am I taking the relationship for granted? Perhaps most I doing my best to raise these kids, or are we just surviving?

I don't want to discard the notion of having a life that is enjoyable and, well, I only wish to get the most fun out of this life.

A lot of people Instagram. Why? I think it's mainly because it offers the chance to stop and take a moment to look at what it is you are currently experiencing. Is it enjoyable? Is it dreaded? Is it worth the 3.2 seconds it will take you to capture that moment? Capture those moments! Collect them on a phone, in a jar, in your memories. But make sure you get the most out of them.

When we moved into our new (looking at a year) home all the ideas of living intentionally were swirling around me. I set my mind on the fact that we (well me) will live intentionally in this gift we were given. There is no excuse not to. We will get the most out of every square foot. We will use this home to better ourselves and hopefully others.

So...the question is, have I? Well, kinda. Obviously, "Living Life on Purpose" will be a life long journey. And will be something I am always trying to improve. But I do feel that now that I have actually pinpointed what it is I enjoy most in my life, which is getting the most out of my life, I can start this journey with more focus.

All that being said...I think this idea is essentially the theme of this blog, of my ideas. To get the most out of stop and look around...and enjoy it all!

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Let's not miss this life friends!
How about you...are you living life on purpose? Are you getting the most out of your days or are they just piling up? How intentional are you living?

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