Saturday, March 2, 2013

Basement Stairway Progress

Last week I managed to pull of a painting project! Yippee! This was the first effort towards updating the basement. Short of the set up and the infrequent cleanup, we have yet to do any home improving down there. Although my mind is full of ideas! 
I've been desperately wanting to create a wall gallery of all the kids artwork plus family photos on the wall leading to the basement from the main floor. I have stacks of frames still waiting for a home since the move. But before all that excitement can happen I needed to paint.
We inherited a mostly warm color scheme in regards to the paint colors. And I've been wanting to brighten things up ever since day one. For this project I was looking for something bright, but not loud and would work well as a backdrop to the rainbow of colors in the kids' art. After picking out a sample Alan and I both had approved, I noticed it was surprisingly similar to the color we had painted the hall bath upstairs. (still to come) So in an effort to save time and money...we scratched the sample and went with what we already owned...the remaining paint from the bath project. Score on not spending any more money!

painting the basement stairway

Any who... this is the current state of affairs on the basement stairs. The paint color is Glimmer by Olympic Paints. It's a soft sometimes green sometimes blue shade. It just feels happy!
This weekend I will be trying to finish the gallery wall (mostly anyway) by painting frames and hanging the artwork. Can't wait to get some more color in that space! And hanging pictures is an instant way to make your home feel like your own.

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