Monday, February 18, 2013

Lunch Club

In this small town of mine I have quite a close knit group of girls I adore. The source of our friendships vary from MOMS club, bible study or else where, but we all have the same common thread...we're Mamas. We're all just trying to travel this journey to the best of our ability. That means we need each other.

Not long after school started last fall I noticed a huge disconnect. I was hearing a lot of "yea, I feel out of the loop", or "I feel I haven't talked to anyone lately."  It was just hit or miss with everyone, all the time. And never really getting a chance to know our friends. Just their happenings.

So when I was noticing this disconnect (which happens when the kiddos get older and Mamas start making their way back to work) I decided I wanted to try and remedy the situation.

I don't know about you, but a Girls Night Out is not always in the cards for me. Almost never actually. And a large group of my girls already meet one night a week for Bible Study, while I attend based only on Alan's schedule. As much as I like to talk about Jesus, that also wasn't what I felt we needed. I was feeling the need for some actual "get to know your girlfriends" kind of quality time. And since nights don't work well for Moms to get away from the family, and if you were to try a supper club where the whole family could join,'d be crazy. We currently have 14 girls who actively participate and that adds up to...wait for it...36 kids. Plus moms and dads. You're talking a 64 person supper club. I love them all, but count me out!

Thus the beginnings of Lunch Club. Sounds exciting right? Well, it totally is!! Once a month I, or a gracious friend, will host this lovely group of girls for some friendship building lunch time. And it's wonderful!

I had stated before that some of our girls are working moms now. Luckily most are preschool teachers and are off the clock by 12:15. So lunch works out nicely. Others try to sneak away during a lunch break. And still there are a few I wish I could accommodate. So for the most part a lunch time gathering is the most practical. Also, this time allows for only the preschool age and babies to be present, not all 36+!

We started off just by getting together and chowing down on whatever everyone could scrounge up from their pantry. No expectations of presentation. After the first lunch I decided to stretch the conversations a bit with get-to-know-you games. That quickly led to a more themed type of lunch.

So stay tuned, I'm really looking forward to sharing our lunch club ideas with you. Soon I'll be sharing our most recent "Love Lunch".

How well do you truly know your friends? Is fellowship a priority in your life?


  1. I STILL have yet to make one. But i STILL love this idea! Thank you for facilitating this awesome idea!!!

    1. Don't worry Jill! You'll make one soon and it will be the best yet! :)

  2. I love Lunch Club!! Angie you are so creative, Thank you for organizing such a fun activity, which I look forward to every month!!

    1. Thanks Ashley! Love spending time with my girls!


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