Tuesday, February 5, 2013

in sickness and in health...?

Today is the first day in a week I have truly felt like a human being. I had the strep...and then a sinus infection....with a touch of allergic rash....and....nauseating side effects of an "herbal remedy" I thought I'd try. So, yay for last week!

And yay that it's over. I still have the lingering sniffles and slight rash on the face (seriously don't know why this happens), but for the majority...I'm back among living. And now Alan is down for the count. Ugh.

While I was laid up in my sweat covered sheets, with tissues strategically placed up the nostrils, phlegm projecting from my lungs, cough drop breath and greasy hair, sans makeup (or the courtesy of razor to my legs...or anywhere) and basically just letting it all hang loose (I'm talking bodily functions here ladies), because who cares when you feel that crappy?...I laughed to myself. "If he can love me through this, he can love me through anything."

At one point I asked for some lovin'...we both laughed.

As I started to feel better and reunite with my family and my home I began to notice the toll my illness had taken on both. My to-do list from the morning I decided a Dr. visit was a good idea was exactly where I left it. Kind of like a twisted foreshadowing of what was waiting for me....the remnants of motherless life happenings scattered around the house.

Now....my husband did help!! He totally pulled out some loads of dishes I didn't know he had in him. And the meals he prepared...I'm sure they tasted divine. (I ate, I just didn't taste.) And, yes, he did take time off to help us out, Love him! But you can't go for days without touching your kitchen or laundry, leave your home to your husband and three kids, and come back and expect it to be as you wish, or even hope. So as I began the rebuilding process....still feeling less than stellar...through gritted teeth, chuckled to myself again.... "If I can love him through this..."

But as I type my dear, sweet, better half is laid out in the bed before his all-night shift. It's his turn to pop the cough drops, stuff the tissue and let his body just "hang loose". (Not that he ever has any worries in that department!) But he doesn't have the luxury of my coming to help him get through his day. Not even a half-ass help. With the exception of his co-managers, he's on his own. And when I think of all he does for us...in sickness and in health....I don't mind the messy house. Or his bowels.

If we can make it through this...it must be love.

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