Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I Mustache you to be my Valentine....Last's Year's Cards

I'll be honest...last year I thought I was totally original with my kids' Valentines. Truly, I did. Then along came Pinterest and I realized I'm just one of many Mamas in the world trying to be original...with the same idea! I chalk it up to "great minds think alike." Luckily enough none of those other Mamas were in my kids' classes. Phew!

But, yes, I did go the mustache route....

I "mustache" you to be my Valentine! (Oh, I thought I was so clever!) Only two of my Loves humored their mother. Alex opted for the Wal-Mart Sponge-Bob-something-or-other. Oh well.

You'll have to forgive the poor photo, but I'd be happy to walk you though the how to...

I took a close up of their precious faces, uploaded to I'm sure PowerPoint or some other simple office program, placed text boxes on top with my wording, the printed on card stock. Pretty easy, schmeasy. I think each card was slightly larger than a wallet. Since AdaLove had a smaller class I went ahead and cut some card stock to line the back of the photo. Giving it a bit more presence. With Andy's class of 20+ I totally just left off that step.

Next was attaching the mustaches.... I didn't want to peel off my faux mustache sticker and stick it directly on the card. What fun would it be to get a mustache that you can't even stick on your own precious face? So I peeled the mustache stickers off the sheet (found in most fiesta sections of a party store) with the sticker backing still attached and just used a small amount of double sided tape on the back to attach to the card. Did that even make sense?  This way the recipients were actually able to peel off and use the mustache to their own delight.

There you have it....2012's Kids' Valentine's Day cards.

I have NO idea what we're going with this year. Blowing kisses perhaps...??

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