Sunday, February 24, 2013

February Lunch Club: "Love Lunch"

I mentioned earlier that some friends and I have started a little Lunch Club to schedule some much needed get to know you girl time. February's theme was all about LOVE. Who doesn't love to talk about Love??
As with most Mom friends, our relationships were created after the courtship of our romance, after the ceremony and often after the births of our children. So February was the perfect time to dish out all those old love stories and gooey details we box up after the honeymoon.
My beautiful friend Melissa (on the left) was the gracious host of the day. (I must warn you...these iPhone photos are horrendous! I apologize in advance.)
Trying to make our ladies luncheon a bit more special, I created some simple and cute cupcake liner pins. (Liners, glue, ribbon, and a safety pins are all you really need. The hearts were little foam stickers I found of Ada's. Tutorial needed?)
Of course the best way to serve up said cupcake liner broaches is on a cupcake stand!
These arrow cupcake toppers were made for Valentine's Day last year and never used. Inspired by these. So out they came to offer a simple little touch to the mini bran muffins.
Strawberries were sliced (to represent hearts of course!) and added to the water. Yummo! Very fresh tasting and received a lot of compliments. I highly recommend trying. Note, I've learned less is more when trying to infuse water!
I personally love these lunches because it's just a laid back excuse to have fun with friends.
We keep our luncheon menus simple. Whatever you have to contribute is enough. No photo styling here. (Obviously!) After the new year started and all the resolutions were made we decided on a salad bar. Myself and the host provide the lettuce mix, grilled chicken and dressings while friends are encouraged to bring an additional topping. We also throw some food out there for the kiddos to eat. Note I say encourage. I'd much rather enjoy my friend's company than her side dish. So if finding something to bring just doesn't work out for her that day...well, we've got her covered. It will always balance out. 
My friend and I catching up.
Friends were also encouraged to bring their Wedding album so we could all oh and ah over every one's big day! It's so much fun to see what your friends looked like when they wed. Even more fun to see their husbands!
Time changes some while others remain timeless.  But no matter the length of our girls' marriages.... they are all still as beautiful as the day they said I do!
Not only did we swap photos and memories of the big day...we also got the full proposals. Love! These stories varied as wide as the ceremonies. Some were on top of the Empire State Building (not mine), some received a kitten (not me), some were at the beach (still nope) while others were on the side of a truck (yep, that ones mine!).
I created a cute little rating game so we could playfully judge the awesomeness of each love/proposal/dating story. But we talked so much we forgot to play. Oh well. The lovely Melissa also provided a few favors.. door prizes for the longest and shortest married. What fun!
I think every mom and wife would like just a moment to relive those good times. And isn't your love story worth sharing with your friends?

Where's your wedding album? Is it shoved in the attic, waiting to be uncovered in a chest? Mine was. I had to seriously hunt for it. But now that the glory days have been relived with my girls I've found a new place for our love story in my heart and in my home.

So I encourage you to go dig out yours. Share it with your kids. Better yet...put in the video! (We've been wanting to watch ours with the kids for a while but still need to hunt down a VCR. yikes!) Hope these ideas help you create your own "Love Lunch"...with your friends, with your kids or even with your Love.

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