Wednesday, February 13, 2013

AdaLove's Bubble Valentines

This year Ada and I went with the popular "Blowing Kisses" idea for her Valentines. I love this version of the theme due to the lack of candy involved.

This was actually way easier than last year's. Seeing as how we only needed to hand out 8 Valentines in her preschool class I was able to pick up the larger size bubbles at the dollar store....$3 worth. Then we went home, whipped up a heart and text on PowerPoint, printed and taped.

To make the uber cute heart wand I ripped off Pinterest, I scrounged up some pipe cleaner from the craft box. And the ribbon has been laying around for years waiting to be put to use. Since I totally forgot to include who it's from I wrote her name on the back.

For $3 I think her classes Valentine's turned out pretty cute. Love the "Blowing Kisses" theme? Find more ideas here, here and the idea I ripped off... here.

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