Saturday, January 5, 2013

our marriage resolutions

Do you make New Year's resolutions? I'm all over it. I'll be sharing my 2013 goals in time. But for now here's a few Alan and I came up with.

This year we took the time to go over a few goals for the year. Of course most of our planning focused on home updates. But I made sure we took a moment to reflect on us. He's so lucky.

We made a few rules for ourselves...a no phone zone and greetings.

When we are together there is to be a "no phone zone" around us. Of course if the phone rings we are able to answer. But otherwise, no web surfing, no news reading, no Pinning!, no Facebook... nothing. Our conversations have been lacking any real substance lately. So to help us to be more mindful of each phones.

Secondly, greetings.  (I did steal this one from Gretchen.) In addition to being more mindful while we're together we also need to work on how we greet each other when we come and go. It's super easy for me to allow the three kids to run and hug his legs when he comes home from work while I just keep on my business. Same for him.  But we should also be excited to see each other. So, now we greet.

These are just a few simple adjustments for us to stay connected.

Do you have any marriage resolutions?

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