Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Happy 2013 Friends!

The entire Christmas season is always the most chaotic for me. (note: zero attention to blog) On top of all the traditional pressure of the month, I tend to feel a huge disconnect from my life, my faith and my energy during this time.  All of which leads up to a grand finale of "What did we accomplish this year?" And who doesn't want to feel completely overwhelmed when they reflect on their life? Some years have been a major gulp. This year, for ourselves, we were proud. (Wouldn't it be lovely if every person could say the same?)

A lot can happen in a year. Friends move, families grow, parents get sick, jobs are changed and loved ones are lost. If you're like our family, something as simple as an address change can give your life a complete turnover. But I'll take turned upside down over stagnate any day.

It seems a new year, a new day, a new season is the perfect time to refocus. Maybe our situation doesn't allow for a physical change.  Maybe the changes we need to make are more spiritual or mental. For myself's all of the above.

I truly hope to use this next year (the last one in my 20s thankyouverymuch) to benefit the rest of my years. After all...everything starts today!

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