Friday, October 26, 2012

She can see clearly now...

The shelves are up in AdaLove's room.

I love, love how the clear shelves are almost nonexistent. It allows the books to be the stars of the show.  Books for artwork...awesomeness.

And yes, only the girliest of her books made the cut. (See that precious angel on the cover of her very own story?)  The others reside with the "family books" in the basement.

We purchased the shelves from here.

The list for Ada's room still contains: Dresser redo, mirror redo, pillows, curtains, ceiling, artwork, rug, lamps.....

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Monday, October 22, 2012


Come take a look in this brain of mine...

  • Plates on the brain, er, wall. The only thing that my husband has ever told me he does not care for in the ways of decorating are plates on a wall. But that never stopped me. Sorry Dear. Currently we have a couple hanging out in a small little hallway between the kitchen and the dining room. But I'm thinking some more might make their way up in the dining room mixed with some modern and vintage artwork.

Loving the look in these beautiful homes....

Monogram plates? Yes Please!

One thing that will be going up in the dining room is a chalkboard. I'm still scouting the local flea markets for the right frame.

The lovely Seleta incorporated some small dishes and a tray here. Love the mix of styles.

  • The Braemore Gazebo Cloud is a curtain kind of way. After hanging the one yard I had purchased for pillows on the new curtain rod I realized it was meant to be. That fabric was made for my living room window.

It frames the bamboo shades and accents the pale gray walls beautifully. So it will be happening. I think I've pinned down the locale I'll be snagging my yardage from, but still waiting on that cash flow. ;)

  • Are smiley faces totally inappropriate for blog posts?

  • I've been contemplating some dining seating. Although it's still a ways away from actually being completed...I continue to dream. I realized this dining space from Isabella and Max Rooms is exactly what I had in mind for our dining space. I love, love cafe chairs. But I'm having a hard time finding some that have the hard seat...a.k.a. wipeable and are in my price point. The search continues. But I think to cut costs down I could totally go bench route on the wall side of the dining room. Plus this would help when we have kiddos over, they can all pile up. No extra chairs needed.

  • Mink Muffs has just become my new fall nail color. I love that it reminds me of hot cocoa and warm woods.  Not so much on the little lady though and definitely not spilled all over the wood floors. grr. (I may or may not have thrown a small child out of the way to quickly clean up the mess)

What's on your brain these days? Do tell!
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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

time management

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I was telling some friends recently about my 30 by 30 list and one commented on the list she had before she turned 30, over 10 years ago. She said her 30th birthday came at her so quickly she didn't get a chance to complete it. I don’t want that to happen to me.

Why would I be surprised that my birthday has arrived? It’s on the calendar. In my heart I know the reason. Time. It’s the same reason the end of school, the end of summer or even a parent’s birthday slips up on me.

It’s tiresome to hear people groan on about time…how little they have, how much they have to fit in, how kids grow up too fast. But this is the truth.

Our time is so precious. Are we choosing to spend it wisely? Am I truly using my time for the benefit of my life and others?

Shortly after that I bumped into a friend while I was shopping.  She chatted about how she now works full time (note: most of my friends are/were stay at home moms like me, although now they are slowly slipping back into the work world as their kids grow older. I am starting to feel like the last of my breed in my little circle) and as soon as she’s off she has to chauffeur kids to various practices and events.  And then the question came….”So, what are you up to these days?”

“Well…” Uh, come on Angie, think of something that sounds demanding real quick. You know what I through back at her? “I’m getting more involved in the church” Which is true. But nothing that “competes” with a full time job. And certainly not something God would have me use as a defense to my insecurity of how I spend my days. Did I really just do that?

I left the situation feeling rather crappy.  She is a sweet friend and by no means was that a hostile encounter.  I’m truly glad a bumped into such a sweet face. And to be perfectly honest, had I told her I was currently in the middle of trying to “remold” myself, I’m sure we would’ve had a genuine conversation about the subject. But that wasn’t going to happen in the middle of Kohl’s.

Why should I even worry about what others think of my time? Until that moment I didn’t think I did. I had even recently had the conversation with my husband about the matter. He explained he really didn’t care what I did during the day, as long as the house wasn’t a wreck and the bank account empty. Love that man. He knows my heart….why should he bother stressing over me? I’ll do it for both of us.

But when I was hit face to face with the topic “how I spend my days”…I became defensive. Maybe I should take that as a clue. A clue that I know inside I’m not using my time to the best of my ability. If I had felt truly comfortable in my skin, or in my time management, would I have become defensive? Probably not. I would’ve smiled more, shared and opened up. After all, that’s who I am…Queen of sharing more information than you bothered to know (Welcome to my Blog).

So now I've been trying to focus in on how I do spend my days vs. how I should. I keep coming back to the question...what have a done today that will help make me the person I want to be? Or...What have I done today that will help me reach my 30 x 30 goals?

Gretchen Rubin, in her book Happiness at Home, assigned months to certain life/home areas. While this worked great for her I realized it wouldn't work for what I have in mind for me. I like the idea of resolutions, but don't think I could take a month to focus on just one area of my life. I need to focus daily, even if for just a moment, on all of them.

So I've semi created a little method of my own....

Each morning instead of simply writing my daily to-do list, I've started categorizing my life areas (i.e. love, kids, home, health, etc.) and make sure I complete one thing each day in that category. And if I don't have something to do in that category....I find one.

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This allows me to plan each day to love on my husband, participate with my kids, clean the house, tackle something I'd rather not (for 15 minutes) and make sure I've achieved something for my health and more. Every day.

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Once I started this little new method of mine I felt completely accomplished before noon. Everything else I manage to fit into my day seemed like icing on the cake. And I've tackled something that puts me closer to my goals.

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Of course I type this while my lazy butt sits on vacation. So take this post however you wish.

Now I ask do you spend your days?

Saturday, October 6, 2012

a Craigslist score

I am almost giddy...OK, I am giddy....about my last Craigslist find.

Here are some inspiration ideas....

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The above photo is the living room in one of my favorite homes from Country Living.

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I love the blue and green for a boys room.

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Light, bright...and look at that chair!

This photo is an inspiration image for our Master Bath...someday.

Oh my, love me some white on white.
Chippendale Bamboo Regency Arm Chair / Painted Ivory
 If there is not a link on a photo I have no idea where it came from, sorry!
So you probably figured out what I'm loving in all of these photos.
Bamboo chairs! Yummo. I love the look of a good bamboo piece. And luckily enough there aren't hard to come by on Craigslist. This would be my second round of hunt, find, drive, haul, love....all in the name of bamboo. (The first was our bamboo dresser...$50!)

This time I scored a pair of bamboo barrel chairs for a fraction of the cost new or vintage. Luckily, I snagged them the day they were posted for less than asking, and drove my sweet hiny to pick them up. (A lecture of sorts was handed out by little bro about the dangers of Craigslist...he obviously doesn't get it.)

Some fresh paint, and a cushion dye job (or a recover if/when the dye job fails) and these babies will be good to go!

Do you Craigslist? What's your favorite find?

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

some new fabric lovein'

We have this really fabulous fabric and furnishings shop close's called....wait for it....Fabrics and Furnishings. And since it's close to Alan's work, I've been making a few too many stops inside.

I've been on the hunt for some cool fabric for curtains in Ada's bedroom and the living room, as well as something fun for pillows and a possible ottoman makeover. I was completely blown away by their new selection of turquoise, blue and green collections. Fun and fresh, exactly what I was looking for. (You can see some of my samples hung up on the board in yesterdays post.)

After mulling over some samples for a while I went back and purchased the Braemore Gazebo Cloud  fabric (below), you can find it here. I also scored some lime damask on the sale rack for half price...(top image, middle fabric)

Braemore  Gazebo Cloud

Since the Gazebo Cloud fabric, which I sucked up and paid full price for (because I had dreams about this fabric, really), has a gray element it will work beautifully in the living room with my gray sofa. Since I could only suck up a yard's worth, I'm most likely going to make some large pillows with this beauty, but still open to ideas. The other green fabric will likely hang around awhile waiting for a home.

Of course, once I got my new fabric loves home I started to Pinterest dream up some ideas. I stumbled upon this image at YHL. that the same fabric? Well, shoot. I felt all original and confident. Now I feel like a big copy cat. But wait...

Just a few days later I opened the October issue of Better Homes and Gardens and saw Elaine Griffin had used the same fabric as curtain panels in a bedroom.

Now I know she's not a copy cat. So I'm back to feeling confident about my new fabric love.

Does that happen to you? You feel all good about a decision or purchase and then see someone else already has it and start to wonder if you are original at all? Or perhaps you love a concept until it becomes a trend. (I loved a Vera Bradley handbag until about the 12th person I saw with one, same went for chevron. ) Is there any even such a thing as originality? Have I put way too much thought into this?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

updated desk area....again

I've mentioned a few times my little slice of the main floor. I use our old foyer table as a desk for myself in the dining room. The rest of my "supplies" are down in the junk room office. But this little desk is enough for me to maintain my everyday.

I had originally thought I'd share the two-drawer console with the kiddos' homework supplies...scratch! (I'm not a dumb girl but sometimes the common sense takes a detour to find me. One day, as I was trying to cram some #2s and wide rule paper into one of small drawers I turned around and realized we have a whole dresser we are using as a buffet in the dining room...with empty drawers! Ding, ding, found me.) Anyhoo....

The little work space is now all mine. Although I'm still cramming #2s and paper.

I've gone back and forth on the cork board vs artwork debate. The cork board just makes sense to me. (But feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. ha.)

And inside I can conveniently house my daily essentials.

Some new knobs for the table and a fresh coat of paint for the board?.....It's on the list.

Monday, October 1, 2012

my latest

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I apparently love projects. Of the DIY variety or that of self-improvement. It's no secret I'm a work in progress.

A few weeks back a received a book in the mail. The sender's name was not included (although I had a special way of knowing -thanks Mom! ;). As I delighted in my surprise gift, I managed to read the book in a matter of days. Loved it! The book was Happier at Home. It is Gretchen Rubin's follow up to The Happiness Project, of which I have yet to read.

It was such an easy, not to mention, eye-opening read. I felt like I was having a conversation with myself (a much, much wiser version!) Not too many people get my constant need for self-improvement. But Gretchen did.

I seem to always be on the prowl for a way to improve myself... my life, my home, my family, my relationships....anything. In fact the Lowe's motto is my favorite..."Never Stop Improving".

Throughout reading this book I became excited to start my own project. Although mine wouldn't center on, my project would have more to do with me and my age.... Thirty is creeping up on me. It's there. I see it coming.

As a once teen mom, my age, in relationship to others', has been a large part of my adult life. I used to feel completely out of place at functions for my kids. I even used to dress "professional" to meet the teacher just so I would feel at par with other parents and be taken seriously. I thought everything would change once I turned thirty. Thirty seemed like the appropriate age to be a mother....18 was not... 22 and two kids, got you looks...24 and three kids got you more.

But now 30 is steadily finding it's way to me and I'm not ready. As I lose my "you're too young to be a mom" identity, I'm having to find a new one. An identity that accepts my age and the ages of my kids. It's an odd place to be. (To be perfectly honest, it's not a place anyone thinks of for teen moms.)

So with 30 on the horizon, and Gretchen's words still bouncing through my brain....I've decided to start my very own project...My 30 by 30 Project.

Now most people would include sites to see, hobbies to take up, people to meet and the like...but to stay true to my nature, I'll be going the self-improvement route. Most of the items on my list are goals for me to achieve. (Big ol' yikes there!) I would love to be the Angie I want to present to the world by the time I'm 30....because it's going to take time.

I have 15 months to complete my list/project. I don't expect it to be easy. It will be a bumpy road, but I hope that by sharing it on this platform I will not only stay committed to my dream for myself but that maybe others might join me in becoming all that they want to be....even if 30 has past by. Because it's never to late to change the road we're on.

And since that last line sounds like something straight out of Pinterest's quotes category I thought I'd add a few more... ;)

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it's fall y'all

Is anyone as excited as me about fall? I love this time of year! I would say it's my favorite season, but then spring rolls around and I change my mind.
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I love the 64 degree crisp air in the morning. Driving the kids (or these days, just Ada) to school with the windows down and a cup of coffee in my hand. Even if our Georgia afternoons reach 90, the mornings make up for it.
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It kills me that our windows don't have screens! Not one. I have yet to look into the cost, (I'm afraid to actually) but surely my love of the fresh air blowing through my home will trump. For now I will settle for enjoying the front porch.
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This fall I think we'll do a bucket list (our family had a summer bucket, but moving in the middle of it's completion might not have been the best idea.)

I see bonfires, smore's, pumpkin carving and the flavors of cinnamon in our very near future.