Monday, April 30, 2012

{Part 1} What I love most about my house...Closets

Since I get to say Good-bye to my current home, I thought I'd share some of what I will miss most.

First...our closet systems... We have made a conscious effort to use every inch of space in this home and we have never needed a dresser. I can not imagine living without these systems.

  Of course, Love's closet is pink...Her dress up clothes are on the bottom rail and everyday on the top. Her nice dresses live on the right. We did have a book case for her books on the bottom right but it's already on it's way to storage. Her dresser houses undies and toys, but there's actually room in the closet for both. And the ever growing bow collection lives on the inside of the door.

And while the next closet looks a bit haphazard, note: two boys share this space and they do not have a single dresser drawer in their room. Each boy has their own side. The top rails hold some off season and church clothes and current season is on the bottom. The shelves hold a basket for undies and a basket for p.j.s (although they almost never wear any) plus a shelf each for shorts and a spare on top for pants. Having both shorts and pants out only happens twice a year when our Georgia weather can't make up it's mind. Once it does, the off season gets sorted through, consigned or stored and the closet can breath a little easier. We placed some hanging organizers on the inside of the doors for belts, hats and other accessories.
(I could have folded those pants up but just keeping it real!)

And, of course, the master is my favorite! We used some Christmas $$ to install a new system 2 years ago. Best decision ever! I painted the closet with some leftover living room paint, took my time designing the best layout and scored a $8 chandelier at Lowe's. I love this room...

We both have a shelf to hold our daily junk, keys, pens, change etc. Plus we have room to spare. One of the bars has never been needed so it just holds the ugly-need-to-be-replaced hangers.

You can't till by my fancy photography, but there are two bars on the left of shelves for Mr.Man's clothes. Two for me on the right (although I sadly only need one) and a tall bar for dresses and suits.

We do store or unmentionables and p.j.s in our nightstands but could easily store them in the closet if we needed. And as with the kids clothes, I sort twice a year and store the off season clothes in the attic. Easy Peasy.
These closets have been such a life saver.
Do you love your closets?

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Going confidently...

The idea of a life change has a been gradual process for myself. But this past winter it took on a life of it's own. The words "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams and live the life you have imagined" by Thoreau have played over and over again in my head. At one point I questioned my sanity because, after all, it wasn't scripture speaking to me....was I to act on it?
Yes, yes we did. We started looking at houses, had a Realtor show us some and even put a bid on two different homes. And each time we were outbid. Within 1 month I had lost two different dreams of how life could be, dreams I didn't even know I had. Dreams that really weren't meant to be.  Dreams that really weren't dreams at all.

And on the sidelines we watched as our friends prepared to move out of state, and a new image, a new dream began to form. The other two homes were not meant for our family. They would not have solved any life change I needed in my heart. When we found out we were didn't get the first home it was a disappointment, when we found out we didn't get the second home it was a shot to the heart. Maybe I wasn't supposed to act. Maybe nothing was to change. I couldn't see then that God was lining up the perfect opportunity for my family.

But this dream I was to go confidently in the direction of had one requirement....someone to love our current home. We could not pull off, well not gracefully, owning two homes (selling is not an option at this point) without someone to make our home theirs. So while one end of the image was coming into focus, the other had to be prepared for and prayed over. And I am happy to report that He has answered yet another prayer...the request for a loving family to make our house into their home. And we couldn't be happier. The pieces of our dream are all falling into place.

It has been a matter of months since we first got the bug to look at a new home. We moved confidently and so did He.

Five years ago, when we moved into our current home we asked the Lord to bless it and all those who step inside. And I can honestly say He did just that. Our home has been good to us.

So now we will ask Him to bless our new home, but we know He already has.

Is there a dream in which you need to move confidently?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Thought it was about time I introduce you to my A*Loves....

First up...Miss Love herself

This girl is girly through and through.

She loves the color pink, kittens, tutus, wearing lip gloss, smiling, princesses, tickles, sleeping in our bed, friends, dressing herself, school and anything that sparkles. 

She sparkles.

this is her excited face
We call her Love (when we're not having to yell her full name:)

She is Love. She is happy. She is everything I wish I could be.

{enjoy today} vinyl art

 Some scrap wood, leftover paint and vinyl...

TaDa! Fresh and Springy! Love how it turned out!

And don't we all need a little reminder to enjoy today?

Monday, April 23, 2012

weekend photo review

It was a busy weekend here in Small Town, Georgia....Relay for Life, a Car Show, and a Horse Festival were among the fun. Thought I'd share a few shots...

Good Times.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Home Pinspiration

I have been Pinning away ideas for our new home and thought I'd share a few.

And since I'm new to blog world and the whole linking/Pinterest system...I tried to link back to the original Pinterest source, just click the picture. I'll figure this blog stuff out soon enough.

So what do you think? Does it read fresh and happy?

Happy weekend!

Friday, April 20, 2012

A preschool sized celebration

Today I had the pleasure of celebrating one of the funnest teachers I know, AdaLove's helper teacher at her preschool, Ms. Crystal. We just love both of Ada's teachers and today was a special day to show it. Ms. Crystal's real birthday is in the summer so she was really surprised! :)

My gal pal and I were inspired by Ms Crystal's personality so she whiped up some confetti topped cupcakes and I showed up with the gift, shinny balloon and some dollar store blowers...

 Toppers? Why not?

The party was bright and colorful to say the least, just like our teacher!

Check out that boob action! ;)

Here's to living life like it's a party! 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A small house tour..

We had a family come and check out our home to see if they'd be interested in renting it for a while. Here's a bit (poor images becasue I did a quick snapshot as they were walking in) of what they saw...

Miss Love's room...

Boys' Room...

Living Room...

Nothing too exciting, but it was the cleanest my house has been in 5 years! :)

And on a side note...Check out this hottie who's perfectly comfortable hanging under the bleachers at the ball field so he can color with chalk and his kiddies...Love that man of mine.

And another side note to show how darling my darling is when she dresses herself...
yep, those britches are backwards.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Yes, I'm filthy

You know that moment when you discover something wonderful and you want to shout it from a rooftop so everyone will be able to experience the same wonder as you? Anyone? Well...that happened to me yesterday.

I have been trying desperately to get our house in shape for a potential renter walk through. I've painted base boards, shampooed carpets and cleaned areas that haven't been given the time of day in five years. But I could NOT get the bottom of my shower clean. This has been a problem since we've lived here. I've scrubbed "with bubbles", I've ka-pow-ed it. I've redirected house guests to another bathroom. Yesterday I even went to what I thought was my last resort...bleach. Notta. Nothing. If I did anything, it was shave down the bristles of my scrub brush. That filth would not budge! Disgusting.

So like all smart girls do, I turned to my friends for help. Nope, they had nothing. Everyone knew the problem but no one knew the solution. I was even going to see if the hardware store had a refinishing kit or something and redo the whole dang shower! Seriously....that bad.

Making a short story long....I had my husband pick up a Magic Eraser Bath Scrubber....

Shout-It-From-The-Roof-Top...It worked!!!

With the help of a little elbow grease I watched the years of filth erase off my shower floor. As soon as I realized the miracle I stumbled upon I grabbed the camera for a "before" shot. Seriously...You would not know the shower has EVER been used. It's that clean. (Tears of joy might have started to swell) And, of course, I text my friends the gory details of my filthy before and afters.

Now I find myself rubbing the walls of the shower, you know, just for fun. Brand new!

That little package cost around $6 and I can't believe no one I talked to knew about it.

So, now you know...and have seen the filth that is was my shower.  Hope we can still be friends.

What about you? Any amazingly simple house cleaning tips you need to shout?

Monday, April 16, 2012

Hair Bow Wreath

While fiddling through Pinterest, I stumbled on this hair bow holder idea. I thought this was an adorable idea and wanted to make my own for Love's bows. Super easy and super cute!

Simple and adorable as is...(That flower is a bow)

And with bows on it...

This project was very simple: I spray painted a wire wreath form with white paint. Then wrapped it with white ribbon and tied a simple ribbon strip on the top for the hanger.... so go have fun, make your own and enjoy!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

what's yours is mine, what's mine is yours

So last night we were invited to a friend's house for a good ol' southern low country boil. yummo.

The funny part's our house.

Long story short...friends of ours are relocating to another state and we bought their house. (The longer version would include a mutual friend harassing us to investigate this possible change of address. And would also include how grateful we are to said mutual friend. ;)

But our friends will not be moving until the summer time, so in the meantime the house is both theirs...and ours. Little bit weird.

Last night we enjoyed the company of friends in what will soon be our front yard, stored our coleslaw in what will soon be our fridge and peed in a toilet that will soon be our toilet. We also answered the random house questions "what do you plan to do with it?", "are you brainstorming ideas already?" and my favorite...."how's it feel to be invited to your own house?" answer...awkward.

Hubby and I are both OK with any weirdness because we know what a great opportunity we were given.

But for now we all carry on as usual. We play with our friends at the park and hang out at the Chic-fil-a as well as give them boxes from hubby's work and pick up our mail from their house.

I think God has been teaching me a lesson in patience in the last couple years....and He's not done yet. Luckily, while I sit patiently waiting on my new house I get to enjoy and be grateful for my current home. A home in which I brought my new baby girl from the hospital, where my boys learned to ride their bikes and where I have painted the walls every shade in the rainbow...(yep, that includes orange!)

Here's to waiting....

Best picture I took all night. Love at our soon to be fire pit.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

what's your word?

OK, I'm going to get deep and, you might think, a bit morbid, but I'm just getting real with ya!

Two years ago I lost a Mommom, last fall I lost a Grandmother. While losing a loved one is always a roller coaster of emotions and post today is about what has stayed with me since their passing.

When my Mommom passed it was the first experience with death I had encountered in my young, lovely, not too sheltered life. I was very fortunate to have all my parents and grandparents alive and well for my childhood. The range of emotions was what I believe to be typical of a young adult losing a grandparent. When my Grandmother passed this fall I was met with a different form of a heavy heart. I took what I had already known of loss and pointed it towards myself, my own life. Let me explain...

As friends and loved ones remembered my Grandmother there was one word that was always repeated...Classy. This word was used to describe my Mother's Mother time and time again. "Such a classy lady" was voiced at the memorial, typed on the websites and hand written in cards. Classy, Lady. That was my Grandmother.

Obviously you could write a book on how lovely both of my grandmothers were. But to be so easily summed up in one word...I found that remarkable. A long life lived so beautifully that she made having "class" look effortless.

In the months that followed I put that word on my heart. I even Googled it and read articles on how I, too, could be classy. Sad I know. Something my Grandmother would never have had to do. I secretly wore one of her rings I was given as a, sort of, channel of her essence. I thought I should have to be like her to own something so beautiful. (after all, I didn't deserve it, I wasn't classy)

My inner turmoil of what MY word would be haunted me. How would people remember me? (have I gone too morbid on you?) I wanted my word to be as elegant as hers. I even set my New Years Resolution to "be more of a Lady". uh...double sad.  As I shared my thoughts with my friends, conversations followed... I realized something...If you have to Google how to be classy or're not it! oops. and that's OK!

I might not be "classy" and I might not be a "lady".... But I am REAL!

So there you go ladies...this is who I am...I am real. I am struggling through various areas of my life and soaring in others (and flat out tanked at some). But I am a real mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, child of God. I make mistakes and I move on. I won't always tell you how it is....I do spare feelings after all. But I won't ever tell you how it isn't. I won't ever tell you I'm happy when I'm not. I won't ever tell you this life of mine is perfect or easy. Nope, you won't get the fake Facebook status from me.

I will always try to find beauty, always strive for better and always use Love as my motive. But as we get to know each other...just know this...what I have to say to you is the honest to goodness realness of a young, stressed, in-over-my-head-and-grateful-for-it heart!

So there you go...

Namaste ;)

now, what's your word?...

Friday, April 13, 2012

the next chapter

My family and I are beginning a new phase in our lives. We're moving! Yea! This is obviously exciting but its also sad. While I am eager to get into a larger home with adequate room for our family and our needs, my kids are bummed to be leaving the neighborhood where they have made so many friends and memories. Of course, they are also anxious to get a bigger house too, (everyone will have their own room! woot woot) its just harder for little minds to see the big picture.

Our new home will come with a lot of changes. More land, less neighbors/friends to play with. More family time, less paved drive to skateboard on.  More rooms to accommodate our needs, less money to use to fill with furniture. (gulp) All in all I think our new home will fit the needs of our family perfectly. Our move in date is in the summer and I can't wait to share it with you... (and have more/better pictures of course!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My new little place....

Welcome to my new little slice of the internet. I'm so excited to share with you this next season of my life. I hope you'll join me as I try to create beauty with my hands and in my life. Here we go...