Friday, November 23, 2012

Our Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! It was a crazy day here. This year was my first year hosting the big day. Thankfully I wasn't in charge of the turkey or dressing.  Instead I took on the side dishes. I also let Alan's restaurant bake the pies. I was nice like that.

Here's just a peak at what was happening in my home yesterday....
This could have also been dubbed the cheapest easiest decorated Thanksgiving yet. Magnolia leaves were the star of the show.

 I clipped some magnolia branches and hung them on the door with ribbon. This was probably my favorite detail of the holiday.

Ada's turkey from school hung out with a pumpkin. I love construction paper holiday decor. Seems I'm down to only one child to provide it.

And she was all over helping in the kitchen. She cooked up some potatoes and green beans. Such a talented girl.

Our way too simple version of a Thankful tree was writing what we are thankful for on a magnolia leaf with a gold sharpie then thumb tacking them up on the cork board.  Super easy, kind of cute and the kids loved it.

This was one of my favorites, 'God' was the winner. 

Clearly Alex has a lot to be thankful for. 

And this super sweetie not only wrote 'parents' but also 'grandparents'. Glad the boys focused in on relationships.

Isn't he cute?

 The table was set with a roll of Kraft paper from the Dollar Store, candles and magnolia leaves. Again, overly simple.

Place settings were labeled with a gold sharpie on a magnolia leaf.

The kids had their own spot on the front porch. (Thank you weather.) Kraft paper and crayons. All they really needed.

The night ended in laughter as I taught the bunch of heathens that is my family a simple little game. They (my dad) droned on about playing a game. We ended up playing three rounds! I'll have to post on that later. Too funny.

And who doesn't want to see pilgrims in a post about Thanksgiving? So here's some cuties...

This was the preschools Thanksgiving show/feast last week. Adorable. And to prove that my daughter also has her priorities in line, here's what she's thankful for....

Now it's time to deck these halls!

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