Sunday, November 4, 2012

our halloween wrap up

Anyone else think October was the quickest month ever? Sheesh. Everything led up to the big finale....
This is the only shot I got of Ada in her Halloween parade. She ran up to me and I ended up having to walk the parade with her.
But wasn't she the cutest cat ever? The tail was by far my favorite part.
 After school a friend and I took our girls to the pumpkin patch for some photo fun.
 Kitty chasing the mouse. Adorable.
They love each other.

Next up was Alex's school party. He loves when his mom comes in to help. A big change of attitude from when I walked him in on the first day.

Every Halloween needs some mummies.

And, of course, before you trick or treat you must take the front porch shot.

A werewolf, "nice cat" and pirate.

Andy was the most adorable werewolf. And I loved that he was still completely into dressing up. I'm hanging on tight to these days with him.

Hope everyone else had a fun Halloween!


  1. Hey! Love their costumes! French people are trying to introduce Halloween here in France... It's just so bad! I was thinking about coming over maybe next Halloween with my kids so they can discover the real way to celebrate with your kids! Would it be possible? Think of you a lot!

    1. YES!! Please come! I have been has been 10 years since I was over there. I miss you and so want to meet your kids! We would totally do Halloween right! :)


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