Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Happy Birthday!!

To my middle Love, Alex. This boy of ours is 8 years old today!

I love that he is still so innocent and loving. I only hope his 8th year brings him as much joy as he's brought us.

We were extremely fortunate to celebrate his occasion with family and friends this past weekend. (I love the feeling of family gathered in my home) We had a great time!

 We started the weekend off with a sleep over with some of his buddies. They had a great time. One of them gifted Alex the game called Headbands. You place an item on your head and have to guess what you are. They loved it.

Luckily Alan was able to take time off. The boys got a kick out of the tractor rides.

We switched to family mode on Saturday. Alan's mom got in on the head band game early.

 Favorite part of the weekend was when Alex saw his new BMX bike from my mom and step dad. He had been wanting that thing for a while. It's a very nice bike. Alan may or may not have put one on his Santa wish list. I just wish I could have caught this moment from the front.
I think he likes it!

Alan's parents gave Alex the game of Ladder Ball. This is a totally addicting game. Similar to horse shoes or corn hole I guess. Everyone got in on the fun. And I totally love the idea of outdoor games.

 There may have been a few headbands challenges happening on our front porch that day as well.

It's always easier when you aren't the one guessing! My mom, sister, niece and I may have found this game a bit too funny. Could have been the wine. Not for the niece, of course. Her giggles were pure innocence. Love her.  

And of course, there was cake. Alex was able to blow the candles out the second time. Ada helped the first time. Such a helpful sister!

Sunday was a true day of rest. The kids and I did manage to hash out a few more games of Ladder Ball. That is not my game.

I am so thankful to have family that is able to come and love on my kids. And I was also graciously accepting the beautiful weather. What a blessing this weekend was.

What did you do this weekend? Ever play ladder ball?

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