Monday, November 5, 2012

basement progress

OK, I actually just cleaned it. But that's progress right?

Move in, summer and Ada's party left quite a wreck in this basement of ours. And to be able to just put stuff away would have been nice. But I had yet to tackle that office of ours so every bit of crafty supplies came straight our of a box with no home to return to. That left our office an even bigger wreck which then migrated out to the basement living areas.

But, the other day I was able to tackle the monstrosity of a mess and get our basement back to livable.

Looking towards the back wall.
 Our fabulous Ikea sofa. Love this thing!
The back area will be more of a play/craft area for the kids. The restaurant table on the back wall needs some attention. We're going for a bar height work surface with stools under neath.
I have no idea what I plan to do with this wall.  

Still loving my Craigslist Ikea bookcase. And the $5 bins are extremely helpful.
I've been trying to collect some of these old soda crates for something I have planned down the line. Right now they're corralling random items around the basement.  

The dress up clothes have moved from Ada's closet to the basement. I'm sure she'll move them everywhere anyway.
Yep, that's Chubbacca and Yoda hanging with some Army men at the Fairy's cottage.
This piece is the middle section of the entertainment center we purchased for the last house. The two side bookcases are upstairs surrounding the fireplace in the living room.

The floors in the space will be the biggest obstacle slash pain in my butt. I'll get to that another day.

But doesn't she look pretty all picked up?

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