Tuesday, November 20, 2012

#1 Small Town in America

Hey y'all! Hope everyone is ready to get their gobble on! I still have to figure out what the heck I'm cooking.....and I'm the host of our family shindig. No worries. It will all come together in the end.

I was a little quiet this past week partly because of some serious crud hanging out in my lungs, partly because we're trying to get our home company ready and partly because we've been having so much fun in town.

I thought it was time I officially introduce you to my town. It is a town worthy of a proper introduction after all....

Little Blog of Mine, this is Madison, Ga. The "#1 Small Town in America".  I'm pretty sure that poll came from a travel magazine a decade ago but I dare you to challenge it's factualness today around these parts.

This is the town "Sherman refused to burn", again....If I were writing an essay on the matter I might wouldn't grab my facts from the Chamber of Commerce. Nonetheless...this town is truly special.

This is the kind of place where everyone knows everyone. Seriously. Where the only traffic is a tractor or the car pool lane. The town honors it's high school football team as much as it's veterans. The candy shop owner directs traffic at the school. Tour buses are a regular occurance. Movies, shows and commercials are shot here. Where hay bales, cow shows and guys in big trucks are the norm. This town is straight up small town, country living, Bulldog loving territory. And I've been sucked in!

Where I grew up Atlanta was my backyard. We rode Marta to get to concerts, we worked at the Mall of Georgia. Something was always under construction. And you budgeted an extra 15-20 minutes on your drive just for traffic.

Now traffic kills me. I'm spoiled.

Any who... last week our town held an "Are you Smarter than a Morgan County 5th Grader?" Oh what fun! The event was held at our church and was one of those situations when all flavors of society were in one room. So some pointing and explaining who was who.

 How do you like my shady iphone pictures? geez.

The lot of "celebrities" to play against these 5th graders was quite the list. The doctor, Mayor, high school football coach, and a whole bunch of people I didn't know, although they did introduce everyone. But my favorite was my friend, Erin, ...the "stay at home mom" as the host put it. OK, we'll take it. But she's so much more than that.

Let's just say it was a fun family night. Andy might be a little scared they'll do it again next year. Oh...and just so you know....I did keep up with my own tally sheet. And "I am smarter than a Morgan County 5th Grader." Thankyouverymuch.

Come Friday night, the kids and I were freezing our butts off as we watched the High School's football team play their first Playoff game. It was a nail bitter. Oh My. If I knew anything about writing sports I'd be all over explaining this game. Let's just say, we held them off at the 2 yard line with 4 seconds left in the game...for the win! Edge of your seat stuff people.

The names of the high schooler football players were spead along Main Street pre game week. I don't see them taking them down anytime soon.

Poor Ada had fallen asleep on my chest when I had to do that inevitable "Holy Crap, we just won the game" jump. You know the one? Where you 'bout put a hole through the bleachers and through your neighbors ear. And you take your small child up and down with you. She survived.

 Player names at the Post Office. And who need photoshop when you have images like this? 

Well. That's all I've got for today. Time to get my Turkey loving game plan on.

Are you small town or big city?

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