Tuesday, October 2, 2012

updated desk area....again

I've mentioned a few times my little slice of the main floor. I use our old foyer table as a desk for myself in the dining room. The rest of my "supplies" are down in the junk room office. But this little desk is enough for me to maintain my everyday.

I had originally thought I'd share the two-drawer console with the kiddos' homework supplies...scratch! (I'm not a dumb girl but sometimes the common sense takes a detour to find me. One day, as I was trying to cram some #2s and wide rule paper into one of small drawers I turned around and realized we have a whole dresser we are using as a buffet in the dining room...with empty drawers! Ding, ding, ding...it found me.) Anyhoo....

The little work space is now all mine. Although I'm still cramming #2s and paper.

I've gone back and forth on the cork board vs artwork debate. The cork board just makes sense to me. (But feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. ha.)

And inside I can conveniently house my daily essentials.

Some new knobs for the table and a fresh coat of paint for the board?.....It's on the list.

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