Wednesday, October 3, 2012

some new fabric lovein'

We have this really fabulous fabric and furnishings shop close's called....wait for it....Fabrics and Furnishings. And since it's close to Alan's work, I've been making a few too many stops inside.

I've been on the hunt for some cool fabric for curtains in Ada's bedroom and the living room, as well as something fun for pillows and a possible ottoman makeover. I was completely blown away by their new selection of turquoise, blue and green collections. Fun and fresh, exactly what I was looking for. (You can see some of my samples hung up on the board in yesterdays post.)

After mulling over some samples for a while I went back and purchased the Braemore Gazebo Cloud  fabric (below), you can find it here. I also scored some lime damask on the sale rack for half price...(top image, middle fabric)

Braemore  Gazebo Cloud

Since the Gazebo Cloud fabric, which I sucked up and paid full price for (because I had dreams about this fabric, really), has a gray element it will work beautifully in the living room with my gray sofa. Since I could only suck up a yard's worth, I'm most likely going to make some large pillows with this beauty, but still open to ideas. The other green fabric will likely hang around awhile waiting for a home.

Of course, once I got my new fabric loves home I started to Pinterest dream up some ideas. I stumbled upon this image at YHL. that the same fabric? Well, shoot. I felt all original and confident. Now I feel like a big copy cat. But wait...

Just a few days later I opened the October issue of Better Homes and Gardens and saw Elaine Griffin had used the same fabric as curtain panels in a bedroom.

Now I know she's not a copy cat. So I'm back to feeling confident about my new fabric love.

Does that happen to you? You feel all good about a decision or purchase and then see someone else already has it and start to wonder if you are original at all? Or perhaps you love a concept until it becomes a trend. (I loved a Vera Bradley handbag until about the 12th person I saw with one, same went for chevron. ) Is there any even such a thing as originality? Have I put way too much thought into this?


  1. I have this print also and I've got it in 2 places in my living room: a pair of chairs and throw pillows. You can find slipper chairs at Target with this pattern. I bought the pillows on Etsy. I also recently saw this print on a pillow at Arhaus but the handmade Etsy pillow was more affordable. Chi chi!
    Looking for coordinating fabrics that pull a few of the colors from the Braemore Gazebo cloud print, have any suggestions? Seeking to tie in the brown or gray with the teal blue or lime green in this fabric.

    1. Yes! Isn't it the best? Unfortuantely my sweet fabric is still waiting for me to show it some attention. But with Spring right around the corner it'll be perfect for perking up the house! If you're looking for some coordinating fabric I'd look at the Braemore Spice Market or Secret Garden collections. They're definitely going to have something that you'll love. Otherwise perhaps a geometric solid like Premier Prints Twill Towers Sherbet Soft Grey which you can find at Good Luck!


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