Friday, October 26, 2012

She can see clearly now...

The shelves are up in AdaLove's room.

I love, love how the clear shelves are almost nonexistent. It allows the books to be the stars of the show.  Books for artwork...awesomeness.

And yes, only the girliest of her books made the cut. (See that precious angel on the cover of her very own story?)  The others reside with the "family books" in the basement.

We purchased the shelves from here.

The list for Ada's room still contains: Dresser redo, mirror redo, pillows, curtains, ceiling, artwork, rug, lamps.....

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  1. I totally agree with your post that using this kind of holder you will clearly see the things you placed in it. Making it transparent especially to your kids, thus it would be easier for them to find their books of their choice when they want to read or scan it. Moreover for other things such as cards you can also use business card holders to make it more organized.


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