Monday, October 22, 2012


Come take a look in this brain of mine...

  • Plates on the brain, er, wall. The only thing that my husband has ever told me he does not care for in the ways of decorating are plates on a wall. But that never stopped me. Sorry Dear. Currently we have a couple hanging out in a small little hallway between the kitchen and the dining room. But I'm thinking some more might make their way up in the dining room mixed with some modern and vintage artwork.

Loving the look in these beautiful homes....

Monogram plates? Yes Please!

One thing that will be going up in the dining room is a chalkboard. I'm still scouting the local flea markets for the right frame.

The lovely Seleta incorporated some small dishes and a tray here. Love the mix of styles.

  • The Braemore Gazebo Cloud is a curtain kind of way. After hanging the one yard I had purchased for pillows on the new curtain rod I realized it was meant to be. That fabric was made for my living room window.

It frames the bamboo shades and accents the pale gray walls beautifully. So it will be happening. I think I've pinned down the locale I'll be snagging my yardage from, but still waiting on that cash flow. ;)

  • Are smiley faces totally inappropriate for blog posts?

  • I've been contemplating some dining seating. Although it's still a ways away from actually being completed...I continue to dream. I realized this dining space from Isabella and Max Rooms is exactly what I had in mind for our dining space. I love, love cafe chairs. But I'm having a hard time finding some that have the hard seat...a.k.a. wipeable and are in my price point. The search continues. But I think to cut costs down I could totally go bench route on the wall side of the dining room. Plus this would help when we have kiddos over, they can all pile up. No extra chairs needed.

  • Mink Muffs has just become my new fall nail color. I love that it reminds me of hot cocoa and warm woods.  Not so much on the little lady though and definitely not spilled all over the wood floors. grr. (I may or may not have thrown a small child out of the way to quickly clean up the mess)

What's on your brain these days? Do tell!
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