Monday, October 1, 2012

it's fall y'all

Is anyone as excited as me about fall? I love this time of year! I would say it's my favorite season, but then spring rolls around and I change my mind.
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I love the 64 degree crisp air in the morning. Driving the kids (or these days, just Ada) to school with the windows down and a cup of coffee in my hand. Even if our Georgia afternoons reach 90, the mornings make up for it.
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It kills me that our windows don't have screens! Not one. I have yet to look into the cost, (I'm afraid to actually) but surely my love of the fresh air blowing through my home will trump. For now I will settle for enjoying the front porch.
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This fall I think we'll do a bucket list (our family had a summer bucket, but moving in the middle of it's completion might not have been the best idea.)

I see bonfires, smore's, pumpkin carving and the flavors of cinnamon in our very near future. 

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