Thursday, September 27, 2012

Women of Faith

This past weekend I was privileged to attend the Women of Faith conference here in GA.. I loved every second! But let me back up a bit...

The year before I was invited to attend, and with the full expectation of a whole life transformation, I went gleefully. Yet the whole life change didn't occur. Instead I had a joyful experience full of laughter and praise, worship and dance, fellowship and memory making. It was perfect, just not as I imagined. This time around I attended with the full expectation of a good time. Guess what I had....A blast! I truly feel like I have the best group of girlfriends imaginable. I have an awesome God and He opened this little heart of mine just a little.

I heard the words...Be You. Now I don't know if those two words were even spoken together in such a context the whole weekend...but that's what I heard.

So this is my challenge. To figure out who this You is and to be her.

I have a feeling she's pretty darn awesome.

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