Friday, September 7, 2012

the big fat lie we're telling our kids...

It's true...we've been telling them a whopper...

The TV is broken. Gasp!

It was a long time coming in our home. I had become fed up with the bickering that accompanied the boob tube. They would fight over who would watch what, who was player #1, or even if they had to go outside to play. Seriously?

The summer ended with the boys being completely attached to that black hole. And as soon as school started that was the first thing they (mostly Andy) wanted to do when they got home. So we quickly pulled out the "no TV on school nights". A challenge in the beginning but they figured out we were serious. Come the weekend though....they were full-on that darned thing!

One Sunday afternoon I was working on some sort of house project and walked downstairs to find all three of my loves on top of each other, eyes glued to the TV. Not good.

After dealing with the moans as I dragged their lazy batooties outside, I snuck inside to flip the switch on the power strip....oops.

I actually thought the oldest would figure it out. He hasn't yet.

I have to say...this is the best my family has behaved in a long time. We've finally overcome the boredom stage and moved on to the finding other things to entertain us stage.  At any given moment you may find them reading a book, playing outside, or piecing together a puzzle. And what aren't they doing? Fighting, giving me attitude about having to do something or begging for useless junk they just saw in a commercial. Win, win, win.

Excuse the bad photo camera shots. This particular night they climbed, one by one, into my bed with a book. Not coerced or even encouraged. They all just wanted to join in.

This puzzle sat on the floor for about a week as they put it together only to take it apart and start again.

I, on the other hand, have been the last one to notice the change. The new home has really kept me busy and come night time....I'm out. But of course, when my shows start back up we might have to flip that switch back on Thursday nights.

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