Thursday, September 13, 2012

switching the switch

Have I told you before that the Mister is a light bulb man? You can find me in the paint department, him....the light bulbs. Seriously.

When we moved into the new home the first thing Alan did was change ALL of the bulbs to more energy efficient standards. That was cheap!

It took me a long time to ever get this man of mine to consider anything "green" but once he saw a difference in the electric bill....he's been a full on bulb man.

In the front of the basement, when we moved in, we had one switch to turn on the lights for the entire main room and one switch to turn on the fan over the sofa area (the area closest to the outside doors). This worked OK. But in the back of the room we had two light switches (there are light switches all over this house! One day I'm seriously going to count them.) that had no purpose. I would walk into the back of the basement, away from any natural light source, and flip these useless switches thinking they'd magically produce some sort of light for me. It just seemed logical. Instead I had to walk all the way to the front of the know, 12 steps, and light the whole space.

Well, with my constant, pointless switch flipping and Alan's constant need to reduce the amount of energy a room produces (I kid you not, he told me how much each bulb in that room would cost us in one month.) we decided to make the logical a reality.

He spent a matter of minutes tracking a wire's way through the drop ceiling and discovered we were already set to have a "pool table light". Good to know. So he did some sort of wire switch thing. (I will never understand how that man can know so much about motors, wires, cables, little black boxes that give us the Internet, yet not know where the bowls go in the kitchen.)

Now we have two separate switches to operate the lights in the room, front and back. You can imagine his delight to be saving half of the energy and my delight that when I flip a works!

A small change that has made a big difference, and cost us nothing. Ready for pictures?

The whole room lit up....


now the back

and now the front

Don't you feel inspired?

Is there a small change in your home you've been wanting to make? Something that just doesn't seem to function the way it should? Does it just need you to stop and do it already? Go do it friend! It's your home. Allow it to work for you, not against you!

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  1. We switched to the compact fluorescents a few years ago also, but I have not seen one bit of difference in my power bill. They do last longer than the standard bulbs, but not as long as the packages say they will. Then again, living in Vegas feels like living on the surface of the sun, so we rarely need to turn on the lights and ALWAYS have the air running...maybe that's why I wouldn't notice any savings. I can't wait for summer to be over!!! (And I LOL'd about the bowls! It's true for every man. We've lived in our house over 7 years and I can't tell you how many times Rob still asks where something goes in the kitchen.)


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