Tuesday, September 4, 2012

slowing down

It's been a while since I posted anything here at A*Love. Life became...well, lived.

Do you ever feel like the world is spinning, the days are coming and going, decisions are being made, actions are taking place and then you look back and wonder....what just happened? I've recently had one of those experiences.

My whole family became caught up in one idea. And we rolled around in this particular idea. Not only did we roll around in it, we multiplied that idea...by 3! Then we (OK, me) woke up one day and asked..."what just happened?"

We had so much fun making plans and decisions without any real thought and found ourselves in a bit of a situation. A situation that took some serious planning and hard desicion making to overcome. But we did. (I'll screw these kids up yet!)

And through this little pickle of ours I realized that I have one serious bad habit....jumping the gun, acting without thinking, poor decision making based on the lack of any self given time to reflect. (Now, I'm not talking drastic decisions that could ruin a marriage, I'm talking about simple things that don't allow me the ability to do what is truly best for myself and my family.)

This has got to stop. My thinking and rationalization has to be given a priority. A priority over my weepy kids who aren't getting what they SO desire. I have to give myself the benefit of my own instincts, not my own desires or dreams of what could be. What could be is great, what will be is something I know in my heart to be true.

Today I felt I was doing all the right things. I made a list of all the things I must do, my "eat the frog" list. I was on a mission to accomplish these minor, yet major for the functioning of our home, details so I could move on to the fun stuff. What happens? The laundry is not yet caught up and I pick up a paint brush. A darned paint brush!

I know what I want that room to look like, I have the desire to make it happen, a gallon of paint just sitting there...eyeballing me....begging me to dip my neglected paint brush into it's creamy white substance, and something in me says "just do it". So I did. Do you think the laundry was ever seen again? That would be a big fat no.

And, as usual, life takes over the compulsive need to paint something....The kids come home from school and the house goes into Native-American-test-tomorrow mode. (I dare you to ask me where the Pawnee lived.) And although I have one kid who will ace his test tomorrow, I have neither caught up laundry nor a painted room. grr.

Again, a simple reminder that I need to slow things down around here. Why am I so worried about what that room looks like anyway? It will get done when it gets done. But these kids won't quit growing so I can finish painting. It's time for me to learn the art of taking a moment to reflect on a situation before acting.

I hope you'll stay with me as I slow things down in my life. Slow the home projects, slow the unneccesaryness of my everyday and focus on what matters. What truly matters.

Is there an area in your life where you need to slow down?

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