Tuesday, September 11, 2012

polka dots are the new stripes

We've been busy in Ada's new room!

Are you seeing dots? Big, beautiful, pink dots? I'm in love with how this focal wall has turned out!

Clearly, that window still needs some help. And I left a few areas a bit bare because I knew window dressings would soon someday cover those areas.

For this polka dot wall project I debated paint vs. vinyl decals. Paint would cost me about $3 in a sample paint can from Lowe's. I could come up with a stencil and have the wall finished in a few hours. Although I feared me and a stencil would result in a few misshapen circles. (We could call that character, of course.) Vinyl would cost more and wasn't as easy to access but would be sharp and crisp as well as easy to remove should the time come for us to say goodbye to the polka dots. Paint on the other hand wouldn't be as easy for Ada to remove should she get a bit peeved in her room. (Room damage has been known to happen when we get mad)
I went with the vinyl decals. I used my Silhouette to cut 8in circles out of light pink vinyl. I ended up using every bit of three rolls, which is why this project ended up taking me way longer to finish...I had to purchase more vinyl.
But I'm so glad I did. There is no way I could have made these dots this crisp and almost preppy looking with a paint brush.
Can you spot Ada's birthday present in the above image?

I love how the dots peek out from behind the headboard.
The square, teal pillows are a sweet contrast to the pink dots.

So how did I get from this...

to this?

Come board my girly room train of thought....

We had stripes in the last home which resulted in an over load of pink. I knew I wanted clean white walls this go round. Accomplished here. Next I needed to add some fun to the stark space.

My inspiration for Ada's room could be summed up in one word...playful. That is the idea for my, now 4 year old girl. A playful, fun, easy space. After all, she still has quite a few years before we go full "big girl room" on her.

And what's more fun than Polka Dots? I had been inspired by Me Oh My the second I saw her daughter's bathroom. Had to have me some fun dots somewhere in my new home! (Add it to the list.)

Then I saw this image on Pinterest and loved the idea of the dots being more random.
Pinned Image

And upon a further Pinterest inspiration search I stumbled upon this image....

baby girl candy baby room ideas

That's it. Done. I found my playful girl's room jumping point. And Joni at Lay Baby Lay had packaged it for me in a sweet little mood board. Thanks Joni!

So there you have it. From stripes in the last home, blue walls when we moved in and now on to polka dots. What do you think? Can you see Joni's mood board being the perfect setting for our little Bubblegum?

Also on the AdaLove to-do list: paint ceiling, window treatments, rug, lamps, nightstands, paint dresser & mirror, art gallery wall, hang hooks for dress up and the list goes on.
Can't wait to see where one image, some imagination, a little creativity and the many ideas of a pink minded little girl will take this space.
Stay tuned!


  1. i LOVE yhour blog, Angie!!!!!! you are incredibly talented and an awesome writer! :-))

  2. Love the dots!! ~Stephanie

  3. Love the polka dots... Ashley m


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