Wednesday, August 15, 2012

what we've been up to...

Well, it's been a full week of school. The routines are slowly but surely coming along. I'm afraid to say we're a bit more hurried in the mornings than I'd like but we're working on it. 

Alex shocked us all when he jumped on the bus on the morning of the second day of school. Proud as he could be. We have bus issues in this rural county and my kids have always been toted to and from school by dear 'ol Mom. Like most of the kids (that we know) in this town. So that was a huge step. And needless to say....both boys have been bus riders ever since. Loving it!!!

AdaLove's first homework was to create a Mini Me. She did everything herself. (Well, I man handled the glue) I love how it turned out...sparkly...just like my Love.

The boys on the other hand, have been busy catching frogs. Apparently we are in no short supply of the hoppy little green things around here. I was actually impressed with how well Andy thought out and designed a home for them.  Engineer? Architect?

And back to Alex, dear Alex...I looked out the other night as he was running in the backyard and noticed his limbs were completely white. What in the world? Upon further observation I realized the little loves of mine had completely covered themselves in sunscreen. Completely. (don't you watch your kids? I heard you.)

Alex was mad and embarrassed as I took a picture but Ada just kept on grinning. Both of them went to bed with eye drops in their eyes, guess all that sunscreen burns.

I tell you, it's been one week of back to school, but we still have yet to have a dull moment. I welcome it.

As far as the home front goes....I've managed to catch up on laundry and then somehow lose control again so nothing too exciting there. We've moved on to birthday party mode around here instead. We have a little girl turning four! And we're going to celebrate big! I can't wait to share with you her invitations. Stay tuned!

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