Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mr. A*Love

It occurs to me that I've introduced you to all of my A*Loves with the exception of the most important... the Mister, Alan.

I don't know the words I could use to describe how wonderful this man is to our family.

He seriously does everything for us. Like working a ridiculous amount of hours each week just to make sure we're taken care of.

He does the dirty work for us, like moving our entire home on his own (one pair of hired hands to help with the large furniture) and catching lizards in the house.

He comes home and still helps with the kids and with the home. When I wasn't feeling well Sunday, after working all day, he picked up some groceries from the store, made dinner and then even put the kids to bed. No complaints.

He plays with his kids. I've seen and heard of dads who would rather watch sports or go do their own thing when they get off work than spend time with their kids (not that we don't all deserve a break), but Alan will genuinely want to spend time with them. Like when he stayed home an extra hour just to teach them how to fly the boomerang (we no longer have a boomerang).

He also has a great sense of humor, like the other day when he asked me if I wanted to switch cars for the day so I could clean his while he was at work....I'm telling you...the guy's a hoot.

He even goes along with pretty much anything I throw at him.... "You're going to need to wear this cape and steal all of the gifts, then let the kids chase you down and spray you with silly string. cool?"

But he is no saint.  It always amuses me when towards the end of the day he starts to get aggravated with the kids. I literally laugh out loud when he has to yell. (I do try to hide my chuckles from the kids.) I can't help but find it funny when they team up on him and not me.

This man of mine is not perfect by any means. Neither is his wife. But he's perfect for us.

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