Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy New (School) Years!

Today was the first day of school and it was wonderful!! I am so excited about this year. Each one of my kids is in a fantastic class, we have a new home and new routines. I am really feeling great about this next chapter. And you can clearly see how excited the kids were this morning as well....

Maybe it was a little early to be having a party...but they quickly came around.

To get everyone excited, we went with a New Years theme/mindset/whathaveyou. (I totally ripped off the idea from a friend, so thanks ALM!)

For teachers gifts we filled a plastic champagne flute with kisses...the whole kiss at midnight thing....and topped it off with a cheap party blower. For under $5 I had 4 little acts of love.

The boys did excellent this morning. Andy was dropped off, no more walking that boy in, while Alex got the whole crew escort. But in the end he took off in front of us and was embarrassed to have me chasing behind him with the camera. Too bad.

AdaLove,on the other hand, was proud to show us she knew the way. She ran right up to her teacher and gave her a hug. I love that about her. She loves instantly. Just look how happy she was...

And since she does half days, we were able to spend a little more time with her after school. She loved it!

All of the kids had fabulous days and came home raving about their classes and teachers. What more could a Mama want?

*Yes, each one of my kids picked out their own clothes for the first day. Stripes and plaid and blue shoes? Of course!  

I hope everyone else has great first days back as well....back to routines...

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