Friday, August 17, 2012

confetti balloon invitation popper awesomness

Little Love is turning 4!! Oh my! I had not realized how big this girl was getting until after school started back. She's like a little genius I tell you. (It helps her birthday is Sept. 3rd in a Sept 1st cut off county. So she will be almost the oldest kid...always. yay!)

I have always liked to do parties big, but last year I had an eye opening experience during Alex's party, so now we tame things down a bit more. (I can share more with you about that at another time)

This year the theme for Ada's party is...wait for theme. Just Party! Just Ada. Just everything this girl likes. (If someone knows where I can rent a unicorn let me know) But I guess if you really wanted to label, confetti, balloons, pinatas, bubbles, donuts, cake, pink, bright colors....happy and let's throw in cheap. Pick one.

To get this party started I had hoped to show everyone what we had in store for them. The invitations were to be FUN. It doesn't take long to look on Pinterest and find hundreds of incredibly creative ideas. I love to be inspired but I also love to use what I have. So our invitations were inspired by here and here but evolved with whatever I had on hand.

I knew confetti must be involved, balloons too. Check. I didn't want to spend money on helium so a stick perhaps...check. and maybe a tassel?...check. So get to the run down already....

I gathered whatever randomness I could put my hands on. I had sticks left over from another project, would you believe exactly as many as I needed? woot. I had intended to paint them white and stick colorful balloons on top, but Ada was present so everything went pink instead. Whatever, her party not mine.

I had made some circle dot garland already (running punched paper dots through the sewing machine) and managed to get a section of it into a big 'ol mess I couldn't up, it became part of the invites. Use what you have friends.

I used a section of four dots for each invitation and just wrote the details on each dot. Front and back.

Then Ada was in charge of filling an empty glitter tube with confetti to dump in the balloon. Quite a mess that girl made! note: bags of confetti can be found at Dollar General for $1.

I started off my placing the balloon around the tube and dumping, at this point I was wondering why I don't own a funnel. This proved to be a slight pain in the keester so I eventually just held it open why Ada dumped it in.

Then the info went in. I started by rolling it up in the tube and following the same method but again, ended up just holding the balloon open while she placed it inside. I would recommend the other method if you don't have two pairs of hands.

Then Blow. :)

I failed to take further pictures of the rest. (I was a bit stressed about handing these out in time.) But basically, slipped the stick into the knot of the balloon, found some tulle from an old tutu hanging out in a box, wrapped said tulle around the knot/stick joint, tied, and cut. Easy peasy. 

And since we are inviting boys, we made a few colorful versions for them. Those sticks were already blue, the balloons were leftover from another party and the tulle came off a different old tutu. done.

I could've gone the extra step and made a cute note that says POP ME. But I got lazy and decided I'd just tell the mom instead. I mean after all...the info is inside. I figure they might realize they need to do something about getting it out. They're smart cookies. ;)

There you have it. Ada's confetti balloon popper whathaveyou invitation.

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