Thursday, August 16, 2012

a tween space?

What the heck is a tween anyway? I'm under the understanding it's what used to be called pre-teen. Or is it the pre-pre-teen? Either way... my kids are almost there. And our home is noticing.

The fact that they just won't quit growing is the main reason we had to buy a bigger home. Two boys in one room, wasn't going to fly much longer.

I have always hoped for my kids to have a place of their own.  Not a personal room but a gathering area.  A place that was a "kid zone" or just a hang out. Invite friends over, pop popcorn, watch a movie, play games, rock out....whatever. A place that they wouldn't feel the need to leave. (I'm turning into one of those moms. Watch out or my helicopter's blades might take you out.)

Now that we have a basement, I feel I can finally give it to them. So the goal of that particular space is not necessarily a family zone, but a kid zone.

Lately I've been googly eyes over the PBTeen catalogs. I love the style these lounge areas have to offer....

Cushy Lounge Super Sectional Set + Base

Cushy Lounge Sectional Set + Base

View in Room

View in Room

View in Room

This last one is my favorite. A fun, gender neutral activity room. And look at those floors! My unfinished, concrete slab basement is just waiting for me to come love it.

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