Thursday, July 12, 2012

it's been a month?

Man! Where does time go when you're unpacking, sorting, lifting, taping, painting, organizing, rearranging...having fun?

It's been one month since the whole family (because Alan got here a week before us) moved into our new home.  We were pretty lucky to have him give us a head start. He was able to put all of our belongs into the house (from our storage unit) and most of the items into the right rooms. If it weren't for his hard labor that first week without us, we wouldn't have accomplished nearly as much by now.

So what have we done in a month?

Well...a lot. And a lot more than I've even shared on the blog.

We managed to get all (with the exception of frames, shelves and wall decor) our belongings into the right rooms and unpacked. (oh, also the office...the office is a big fat mess) We did however get all of the outdoor items situated in their new permanent/temporary home.

I have painted the living room, dining room, kitchen, mud wall and hallway. And I just finished painting Ada's room today.

Alan has cleaned out gutters, trimmed bushes, put up a new mailbox, cut down dead trees ("we are now proud owners of a chainsaw" -the man) and pretty much busted his butt everyday doing something to help make this house our home.  He has also figured out all that cable/DSL/satellite/wire stuff we need to function daily. Bless him.

Alan also changed out our Master Bedroom closet light just yesterday. Love it.

Together we completed a closet overhaul in the basement ...(one last thing to do before I share.)

Among the things we have purchased...oh my...a new sofa for the basement, two new mattress for Ada and ourselves, a new bed for Ada, towels, sheets, and a chainsaw. And I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting something.

Time has really flown by this past month. I feel I have a good handle on my home and now need to dive back into my family.  The summer is almost over and I'd rather have memories than painted walls. 

So here's to the first month...but now I think I'll try to put my mind to more kid centered activities for a little while. Hope you'll stay around and join us!

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