Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sibling Love

This house is kickin my butt. I am exhausted. But its worth every second.

When Alan and I talked about moving...yes, we wanted a larger house...but we were also looking for changes in our family. The home we were in was situated in a great neighborhood. LOTS of kids to play with. No pool but plenty of outdoor play time. We lived in a corner cul-de-sac so it was the perfect meeting point for kids on both connecting streets. Often times, our yard was the perfect meeting point. And I was happy to let it be! But...when it was time for the kids to come do home work, hang with their parents, have any sort of family was a battle. Every. Single. Time.

This got old. I loved the fact that my kids had plenty of incentive to go outside and have fun. I even enjoyed the friends (there are always exceptions). But the struggle to get my kids to do anything else was taking its toll on me.

When we looked at houses, we considered some in other neighborhoods and justified them somehow. With a pool or location. Somehow things would be different for us by moving to that neighborhood. And I'm sure it would have been. But when the chips were falling in place for this home, the idea of "no one but us" was completely enticing. This wasn't a new thought. We had considered living out of a neighborhood many times. It's not uncommon in this town. There are, in fact, few neighborhoods. Small town living often means, big acreage living. The concept was new to both of us but one we were definitely willing to consider.

After living here for only a week. My kids are falling into the pattern I had wished for them. The boys have separate rooms, but have yet to sleep apart. They are getting creative and playing with each other more than every before. There is one girl across the street we hope to play with soon. She is Alex's age and I think she will be a lot of fun. But other than her...we are it! Of course we will be inviting friends over to play. But for kids, boys especially, are forced to play with each other. And I must say...the fighting has been minimal. 

Now this might just be a transitional moment. The sibling rivalry might escalate as the newness of the home wears off. But I'm choosing to accept this moment, right now.

Last night after I had told the kids to take a shower, this is what I walked upstairs to find....

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