Saturday, June 30, 2012

our dirty laundry

One of the biggest adjustments our family has had to make so far is the laundry routine. In our last home the laundry room was right at the front door, basically in the center of the house. The kids would change anywhere and throw their drawers in the laundry room hamper. This worked out nicely for the most part; sometimes it meant a pile of dirty clothes piled up in front of the front door. Lovely.

In our new home, the laundry room is in the basement. That's two floors below the boys' rooms. This is where the adjusting comes in. It didn't take long to realize we needed a new system, but did take longer to come up with a solution. 

I had full intentions of making the system completely kid friendly.... no excuses. And am in love with the idea of stackable laundry baskets to help them, and save space. I had had in my mind, and still do, a laundry basket dresser, like this one from

Then I took my first trip down the steps with a full laundry basket. No way were they going to be able to pull that off. Way too heavy, way too many steps, way too hard to carry for little arms.

So the search for small, with great handles, laundry baskets began. After way too much searching, I found some self stacking baskets from Wal-Mart. They were about $7 each and I bought 6. So we will self stack while we wait for the Man and me to have a moment to actually build something.

The baskets handles flip over and hold another basket on top. They also have an opening on one side. (You can see is the pictures below) I debated if this would be an issue. So far the clothes don't fall out and it's actually easier for me to put clothes in once they are stacked. So I'm glad I stumbled upon these at my last resort.

When the time comes to build the basket dresser we may still end up using these if they aren't too big. But for now, our system will be the same.... Each kid has two baskets, one in their closet for dirty clothes and one in the laundry room for clean clothes. They are in charge, although I have been doing some reminding, to switch out the baskets as needed. The plan is that they will then hang the clean clothes up and once again have an empty hamper for their dirty stuff. How likely it that their clean clothes won’t just end up is dumped on the floor? I remain hopeful.

I walked them through the trial run....

Each kid, including Love, was fully able to carry the baskets down the stairs using the handles.

They then quickly made the swap. They won't usually be in there all at the same time with a photographer.

Even, little Ada was able to get her basket on the top.

And back up they went. I did help her carry the basket up, although it's probably more likely that I will be the full time carrier.

At least she's good at hanging up her clothes. (Yep, she dresses herself too.)

Alan and I are still carring baskets up and down. This has yet to be an issue. The laundry room is at the top of the list for a makeover. As much as I hate to do laundry (it's my least favorite of all) I will need a room colorful and inviting to lure me down to the basement just to fold clothes.  

 So there you have it. Our dirty laundry for now.

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