Friday, June 15, 2012


Little bit by little bit we are making some progress. While hubby has been busy working on technical stuff...yep, we do need Internet, satellite and the like... I've been trying to organize the situation a little bit.

Yesterday I was able to get some clothes hung up and put away in the closets. This is a big improvement from the luggage we've been living in. The boys have major storage in their need for dressers...yea!

This is just one closet, both sides. The other boy's closet looks the same....different clothes. I figure winter on one side, summer on the other. Easy.

AdaLove's closet is smaller but will accommodate her clothes nicely. I'm hoping to be able to store out of season attire on the top shelf.

As for the master closets..... we have two. A large walk-in and a small, but hard working one on the other side of the room. Before we moved in we thought we would have separate closets. Alan would get teh smaller closet, after all, he doesn't care.  And I would get the larger walk-in and do whatever fancy decor treatment that I wanted. Exciting! But after unloading all the clothes, realizing we don't have a linen closet or a coat closet on the main floor...and the fact that Alan has way more clothes than I do....sad, I know....I moved all of hubby's clothes to the larger closet with mine and am going to try and use the smaller one for coats and possibly linens. I'll keep you updated on how this might work.

 We're taking baby steps here. Next step, mattresses....

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