Monday, June 18, 2012

basement improvement & our father's day fun

As I mentioned before...our basement intends to be the real center of the home. We plan to use it for movie nights, doing homework, playing games and craft time. This is the space I am most looking forward to playing with. But first...let's unpack....

I thought I knew what I would use the space by the back door I unpacked and moved items around I realized I don't necessarily have the need I thought I would.

The dresser was in Ada's nursery and is one of my favorite pieces in our home. It will house all the boys' electronic toys, remote control type stuff.

The space behind the sofa (yep it's new, I'll share later) is calling for a book shelf to hold Ada's toys that won't fit on the other book shelf.

A low bookcase could also hold a pair of lamps and offer another area to accessorize.

In the back of the room is where we plan to keep the kid craft/homework/toy zone. I think it looks awesome already with the bookcase I snagged off Craigslist for $50.

Yes, I'm calling this picture's unpacked and how I imagine the basement will usually look anyway. 

Back of the basement on the other side...

Nothing fancy, just picked up. 

Before I could do any sort of rearranging in the basement I needed to tackle the storage room. While we were in the process of moving our stuff out of the last house, but not moving into the new house...we were able to use this room to store our boxes. can imagine, nothing was organized. That was a major hurdle all on it's own....

I tried to make zones.... holiday boxes, tools and "I don't know where it goes yet". 

All of this moving stuff is exhausting! But Alan and I are trying our best to not forget what summer is all about....FUN! So we are making sure we still take time out for the kids just to kick back. After all, we have the rest of our lives to get this house complete. What's the rush?

On that note, here's a glimpse of what our Father's Day looked like....

Unfortunately in the restaurant industry you are pretty much tasked with working every holiday. That includes the ones centered around your parenthood. But that didn't stop us from celebrating when he got home!

Oh, it was so fun to watch Alan come out, crouch down, plan his attack and then bomb our kids. Too bad he left his back wide open for his wife.

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