Tuesday, May 8, 2012

{part 6} What I love most about my home...the backyard

Not only do we have plenty of room to roam around....

We get lots of visitors...

and have a great place to play.

When/if we entertain, it's usually in our backyard...

setting up for AdaLove's 2nd birthday party

A happenin' place

It's always been the perfect size for the kids to run free...

Alex's super hero party

although super villain attacks have been known to occur...

catch that villain!

But one of our favorite features of our yard is the hill. Every year we host a "welcome summer" water party. We lay down a tarp (or two), ask everyone to BYOB...bring your own bubbles, set the sprinkler and watch the kids throw themselves on the ground repeatedly.

welcome summer party
It's really rather amusing.
slip n' slide country style

Plus, in the winter, the hill is great for Snow Tupperwareing...have you not heard of that sport?

With two boys, our large size yard has been our home's best friend. I have always felt safe knowing it's size keeps the kids far from the road when I'm not out to play yet. Of course, as the boys have gotten older they have shifted their play from the back yard to the front street. Which will bring me to another thing I love about my home... :)  

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