Monday, May 14, 2012

Once Upon a Time...

The boys lived in a Castle.

When they were little (you know, compared to now) all I wanted was for them to be knightly. I wanted them to be chivalrous, to treat every lady as a princess. I wanted my boys to be some one's Knight in Shinning Armor. My desires for them are still evolving although I will always hope they are some one's Prince Charming...any who...

When we first bought our home I tried to create their own Kingdom. It was actually a lot of fun, and thanks to a line at IKEA, I was pretty successful.

Their Mommom made them King capes for Christmas.
I started out by painting Castle walls.  I taped off the bricks with painters tape and took some gray glaze and just rubbed it on with a rag. The texture if the walls was extremely helpful in creating that brick look. Lastly, I took a small paint brush and painted some shadows, using the window as my light source. A little time consuming but super easy.

IKEA dragon, lantern and toy box
 All of the accessories and furniture in the room came from IKEA.

The knightly dress up area
Every Knight needs some treasure. The toy chest was perfect for housing our dress up clothes. It's sad to me the boys don't dress up anymore.

IKEA bed
This IKEA bed was perfect for our needs. (doesn't look like they sell it anymore) The boys were still small and I was worried about Andy being on the top bunk. Since this bed was so much lower to the ground, I felt it was safer.

Look how little....
What the Castle room typically looked like
It wasn't long before they out grew the castle theme room. And that will probably be the last theme room we ever create.

So there you have it.. Our once upon a time Kingdom.

Do you have a theme room? Do your kids still love it?

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