Saturday, May 26, 2012

New home...New direction

It's about time I share some of our decorating ideas for the new home. As I mentioned here, we plan to go in a whole new direction for this home. Our last home was a builder home, I felt the gray and brownish colors were what suited it best. Not that I didn't try to go outrageous with the brights...
Our new home has character. It can handle something more fun. And that's what I intend. While I once wanted my home to feel warm and, I'm after cheerful and happy.

I love the idea of using neutrals, my favorite is gray, as a backdrop and letting other colors pop.

I'm a mom with three kids...I need as much happy as I can get!

Here's an idea of what I had in mind...

Young House Love pretty much sums up my style direction in their new home. Although I'm still looking for my own "Sue" to help guide me.

Although this talented duo is much more skilled in the DIY department than either my husband or myself. If you visit this blog for any length of time you realize their home is both Happy and Inviting. Thanks for inspiring YHL!

Stay tuned...I'll be going in more detail of all my random house ideas during the next couple of weeks.

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