Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Home Inspiration {Homework/Craft/Play Zone}

For years I have wanted a play room. I had wished we had a place to put all of the kids toys other than their bedroom. Now I have the ability to do just that and they've outgrown the need. The need for a playroom has now transformed into the need for a homework/craft room.  Of course, Love will still need a place to just play.

So in the basement we will be using one end of the narrow main room as that such zone. We will be adding our Ikea bookcase, old kitchen table and hopefully a new desk table. Yea, I'm an Ikea addict.

EXPEDIT Shelving unit IKEA Finished on all sides. Can also be used as a room divider.LIATORP Dining table IKEA Extendable dining table with 1 extra leaf seats 4-6; makes it possible to adjust the table size according to need.VIKA AMON/VIKA ADILS Table IKEA

Here's an idea of how I intend to organize the space.

Colorful office decor

The kitchen table will go in the middle of the space for crafts and play.

Wall shelves

Desk table at the end of the room. This will also function as the buffet when we entertain.

Floating shelf and framed artwork

We will be using the bookcase on the side wall to house all the art supplies and such.

Entertainment center

I think this room is a great idea on how we can arrange the space but we'll be going a bit more eclectic/casual with the decorating.

Pinned Image

Collected chairs around the Ikea table, united by a single bright color.
(I'm currently eagerly awaiting to spray paint something!!)

Pinned Image

I love the funkiness of this space. How fun would a whole chalkboard wall be?

Oregano Walls

This image is way more practical. Wipe those computers and folders off the desks and put out some appitizers and you're ready for guests!

Obviously we will need to be in the space before we figure any of this out for sure. But my mind is reeling with ideas. Can't wait to see if any of them will actually work!

How do you entertain in your space? Do you intentionally space plan for hosting events? Or I'm the only weirdo?

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